1. OnslaughtSupply

    RMMV Hell|Bent

    Hell|Bent is a short dark fantasy RPG adventure where you play as the "Pilgrim" traveling to the mysterious plague infested Midway Isle in search of the birthplace and hopeful resting place of the Necrazor, a twisted and cursed sword forged by the Devil, that has bound itself to the Pilgrim's...
  2. Kenvarus

    MV Diablo 2 styled outdoor/world Tilesets

    So, title says it all, im looking for full tilesets for outdoor/world with a feal similar to diablo 2, specifically looking for just the darker, more realistic appearance. i've considered attempting to use parallax mapping... but i have no artistic talent whatsoever. and i cannot use gimp or...
  3. JapoZero

    VNMaker Without You

    Synopsis and Gameplay Features Screenshots Download Link (Short Demo for Windows): Update Log: Credits: [/SPOILER] If you liked the game, want to leave a comment, some suggestion, etc. go ahead! Remember to notify me for any kind of bug or glitch, and I'll try to fix it as soon as possible.
  4. RMMV Project Pi

    Intro: A heart-rending story of a billionaire playboy whose life goes upside down, when he wakes up in a meeting room with no memory of how he got there. The events lead to the death of those close to him. Story: You are a billionaire and owner of a software developing company. Your company's...
  5. RMMV Three Questions (30min emotional text-based game)

    - Introduction - Hello everybody, I would love to introduce you all to my very first completed, self-made game. It's a rather small game that is based on a true story. I worked pretty hard on thinking about how to get the emotions involved across and I hope you can enjoy it for what it is...
  6. SuperKorven

    Temporary light in dark areas

    Hi! So I'm making a horror RPG and you are in complete darkness only seeing just a little around you. I did this using Show Picture and the picture itself is a complete black .png with a small round hole where the player is in, so that you get the illusion of having limited vision. I have two...
  7. MrZalgo

    What do you feel about religious undertones in games?

    I'll get this out of the way quickly. I'm an agnostic, which would mean that I'm just not religious but at the same time not an atheist. It's just that after looking through games like Xenogears or Final Fantasy 7, I have been fascinated by the story potential you can create through religious...
  8. winlu

    RMMV FATAL [Survival Horror RPG]

    Genre: Survival Horror Engine: RPG Maker MV Story You wake up in a room. Lonely and deserted. Your head hurts and you have no memories. You walk through the dark corridors of the mysterious station and look for an exit. But soon you realize that you're not alone. An infection turns people into...
  9. MrZalgo

    What is a good length for an RPG maker project?

    I have the characters and the setting for one of my future projects, but after looking at it, it's pretty overwhelming. I'd say in order to get the story put together nicely, have a good gameplay scenario, and keep it interesting and engaging, the project would be pretty long in length...
  10. MrZalgo

    Any idea how to structure a dark storyline

    Title Basically one of my ideas for a project revolves around the futility of man and the wish for individuality. I want to put it into a dark storyline revolving around philosophical matters. (similar to how the xeno games handled their dark storylines) I got the characters, I got the...
  11. Kyuukon


    Might post mine here as well... :D Summary: A transport that sets out at dusk and arrives at midnight. A world above. A world below. YOMOTSU is the thin line that connects the two. You are but another unfortunate soul that happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time. Enjoy your ride...
  12. FluffexStudios

    Unravel the mysteries of a doll factory. Stitched is now released on Steam!

    Hello all, We are a group of small developers who worked on our game project Stitched for the past 3 years. Stitched got greenlit several months ago and ever since we been hard at work to make this project into an amazing horror narrative experience as possible! Now we are very happy to...
  13. JapoZero

    RMMV Precognition

    Synopsis and Gameplay Features Characters Screenshots from the Demo Screenshots from the Full Game Download Link: [/SPOILER] Ending Guide: [/spoiler] ENDING B: ??? [/spoiler] ENDING C: ??? [/spoiler] [/spoiler] Planned Features: If you liked the game, don't forget to leave a comment. I...
  14. Muffle

    RMVXA Highschool Contracts

    Highschool Contracts Follow your highschool dreams to kill your deadbeat father. Accompanied by Death as your dormmate. I want to make a notice to those who are following this game and are still interested: The game download is broken because I removed it. It was very, very broken. So I am...
  15. Forthright

    Orphan's Treasure Steam Launch Sept 9th

    Hello RPG Maker community. Forthright Casual Games team launched their first episode in the Orphan Series, Orphan's Treasure. The game is really a story-driven narrative with very little combat. We would love your feedback and support on the title. We hope you all enjoy the game! ABOUT THE...
  16. ZeroDigitZ

    RMMV Third Exit

    Tumblr Title: Third Exit Genre: Adventure, Horror, Mystery & Puzzle Demo: Available 8-27-2017 Full Release: 10-13-2017 Platform: Windows Synopsis: This is the beginning...of your nightmare. An unexpected visit causes a young man, Matthias Holloway, to experience bizarre nightmares, and...
  17. Maximus32

    RMVXA Sacchariine

    “Why does everyone make mama work so hard? Sometimes, I wish everyone else would just go away! At least, for a little while…” As she utters these words, the bright light abruptly falls to dimness, followed by a rising din of light laughter “That is an interesting request,” an eavesdropping...
  18. Vanessa

    TRADE Easy but serious project, Vanessa

    About Vanessa Codenamed Vanessa for its main character's name, the story involves a destiny forged in misery and misfortune, and how Vanessa herself tries to go on even under terrible circumstances. There'll be a good quantity of characters that will cross paths with her whilst trying to fix...
  19. Thorfax13

    RMMV Shadow Hearts: Revenant

    Warning: This game contains some instances of disturbing imagery and strong language. Player discretion is advised. Pierce was a normal boy, living a somewhat uninteresting life. Although he enjoyed excitement wherever he could find it, exciting things never seemed to happen to him very often...
  20. 40Flashkick

    Variable HP Costs to Increase Skill effectiveness.

    Recently for the Dark Knight class I was working on, I was trying to ebb out a way to make it so the Dark Knight's abilities can be enhanced by spending an amount of HP not set in stone, but rather, variable based on the player's input. Example; Skill: Soul Eater "A skill that uses some...

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