1. Guiguimu

    RMVXA Darkest Mansion

    Sinopse It’s Halloween night. A group of teenagers from the small village of Serradade decided to explore a dark mansion nearby. They agree to meet before nightfall, but our main character arrives late to the meeting and has to go alone into the woods. When he/she arrives, everything seems...
  2. Change Row with the Formation Menu [Yanfly's Row Formation]

    Hi all, so I'm trying to add a twist to Yanfly's Row Formation script and instead make something similar to the system in Darkest Dungeon. In a nutshell, both allies and enemies have 4 rows, and each can only be occupied by 1 character. Skills have a user requirement (must be standing in a...

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Writing out an idea for the No Travel Game Jam. I have a general plot and challenge written out, it's just a matter of filling the rest in and making it interesting.
A definite difficult time right now. How is everyone doing during this pandemic? I already have seen furloughs and layoffs.
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Hope you and your family are doing well during this difficult time. :)
My elderly neighbor whom I've been buying groceries for just got carried out of his home on a stretcher by guys with hazmat suits. Considering I've been his only point of contact for the past month it's probably safe to say my boss was right to tell me to stay home once I developed a mild cough after all.
Damn. All these new features to the forums. Takes some getting used to.

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