1. Choraß

    RMMZ Player Sprite blur on dash

    Hello guys, it bother me while player is dashing, the player sprite will blur. Is it possible to simple deactivate it by a plugin? I couldn't find anything about it. If someone can help me out there, will be much appreciated. :LZSsmile: RMZ v1.4.3
  2. RMMV Inverted dashing

    Hello, I have no idea how I managed to do that but, even if I disable all of the plugins I use, dashing is automatically enabled, and when I press shift, I walk at lower speed so basically I somehow inverted controls of dashing(also tried it on completely new map with no events). I don't even...
  3. Yion

    Dashing! Double Tap Directional Key to Dash.

    Hello i've been searching Google and this Forum for a Plugin that allows to set the Dashing key to Double Tapping a Directional Key, Double clicking with the Mouse or Double Touching on your phone. This would free up the Shift button for PC users and enable a fun way to Dash on Mobile! I know...
  4. Nicke

    Hirion - Stamina System

    Hirion - Stamina(v1.0) Introduction: A stamina system. This will add a stamina parameter to the player which are used to control the ability to dash around the map. This plugin works with Hirion Swim, you will loose more stamina when swimming. You can display the stamina to the user using the...
  5. Afterimage Effect (Dashing)

    Hello, everyone. I would like to ask if there is a plugin for RPG Maker MV that creates afterimages of the player while dashing. That's pretty much all I'm asking for. All I could find was a script for RPG Maker VX Ace called "Dashing Afterimage", but nothing similar to that in MV.
  6. jjbones123

    How to make events that are only triggered by running/dashing?

    Hello! :)   I'm new to both this forum and forums in general and i'm not entirely sure how to word my question but, here it goes: I'm making a game in RPG Maker VX Ace and I want one of the characters in my game to destroy breakable walls on the over world map by charging into them. To...
  7. Galenmereth

    Manage Dashing

    Manage Dashing Introduction Lets you manage the dashing mode (or disable it altogether!) in your game with simple plugin options. Before asking for help, please read the documentation page to see if it might already be covered there. That page will be updated over time and always be the most...
  8. R-Soul

    Adapting Kaduki Sprites to Galv Idle Animations

    Hi everyone~ Soo out of the blue I found this script, which I thought was pretty awesome, it basically lets you choose different sets of actor images to have different sprites for dashing and idling, as well as running a common event. It isn't that long or hard to figure out how it works, but...
  9. TheDrifter

    [SOLVED] Sprain state disabling dashing only if party leader has it

    Greetings, I have this Sprain state that makes it unable for the player to dash or run if one of the party members has it. However, I want to disable dashing only when it's the party leader who has it. I still want to be able to dash if I switch him out with another party member who isn't...

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