data base

  1. Is it possible to export data?

    Hello! I am currently creating a game for a project at my university that must export data such as: Number of battles won Number of battles lost Time and date of connection etc etc Basically I have to save this and much more information about each player's game and then take it to tables where...
  2. boulops1

    Cleaning Database - Is there a way to organize your common events, skills, etc. that will change all things linked to that ID as well?

    Heyyyaaa!!! cleaning question. in your database, you have all your ID's common events, skills, enemies, etc etc. is there a way to be able to move them around and organize them without it effecting things linked to those corresponding IDs? like is there a way if I move an item with ID: 02 to...
  3. Eliaquim

    Eli Find Id By Name (Old Database Organizer)

    Author: Eliaquim Introduction • Sometimes is hard to keep an organized database. Because we can make a list of all kinds of swords and after that a list of shields. But during the development, maybe we can add a new kind of sword. So we have to add it to the bottom of the list, or push all...
  4. Rishi Raj Jain

    Extend max limit of MV database

    Hello guys, I was making Actor entries for My Pokemon Essentials MV Project but soon I got to know than I can't Make more than 1000 Actors. And the Pokemon Count of Gen 7, is 1000+ { Including all Alternate forms (Unown, etc), Mega Pokemons, Primal Forms, etc.} Therefore, I'm kind of struck...
  5. Tiamat5774

    Looking for a Data base altering script for RPGMXP

    I'm requesting a script or add on to an existing script that with following features: the editable options found in the items tab of the data base added also to the weapons and armor tabs a field in the classes tab to assign items usable by a given class Power and Variance fields for Weapons...

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