data base

  1. DeltaLime24

    Easier organisation within the database editor.

    It has come to my attention that if a developer is going to make a game more than half an hour long, there needs to be a lot of skills and enemies involved. The issue with this is that if said developer keeps adding new ideas (new skills, armour types, troops etc.) the menu in the database can...
  2. Rishi Raj Jain

    Extend max limit of MV database

    Hello guys, I was making Actor entries for My Pokemon Essentials MV Project but soon I got to know than I can't Make more than 1000 Actors. And the Pokemon Count of Gen 7, is 1000+ { Including all Alternate forms (Unown, etc), Mega Pokemons, Primal Forms, etc.} Therefore, I'm kind of struck...
  3. Tiamat5774

    Looking for a Data base altering script for RPGMXP

    I'm requesting a script or add on to an existing script that with following features: the editable options found in the items tab of the data base added also to the weapons and armor tabs a field in the classes tab to assign items usable by a given class Power and Variance fields for Weapons...

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