1. NixasHearts

    Failed to load actor data?

    I don't know if this question is asked a lot or if it is just me, sometimes when I try to open a project with a custom script, it says 'failed to load actor data'. What does this mean? I need this fixed because a lot of scripts with a demo say get it from the project, but I obviously can't.
  2. NixasHearts

    Demo Transfer Data

    In about a week or two I plan to release a demo for one of my games, and I was wondering if there was a way for me to incorparate a save transfer from the demo to the full game in some way. What I mean by this is when the Player completes the demo, they are able to transfer the demo save to the...
  3. [ACE] Adding variable numbers to text variables? ($game_variables[1] = "Current time: \$game_variabl

    As a basic question, I'm asking how to add data to text, like $game_variables[3] = 5$game_variables[1] = ""$game_variables[1] += "Eagle number \$game_variables[3]"in hopes of having the variable equal "Eagle number 5" instead of "Eagle number $game_variables[3]". For a longer explanation...
  4. Tsukihime

    Reading files in RPG Maker

    File I/O is an important topic when it comes to RPG Maker. Everything that you work with is stored in external files and are loaded by the engine at run-time, whether they are database files, graphics, audio, or your own custom text files. Regardless of your experience with Ruby, there are a...
  5. Sending Data

    Hey. I know that the best way to send project data is to Compress Game Data into an application (.exe) file or that blue cube thingy for short, then send it but that basically sends you the entire project and overrides the data for a new project in the event I wanted to use the same map. Is...
  6. Misty

    Data system cache bug/glitch

    Hello everyone, A recent bug has returned to me. "Data system cache bug/glitch." In the past, I said, "First, I had a data cache glitch, but I fixed that by making a new game. Somehow it kept bringing back old events and resources that I replaced. I created a new game and transferred...
  7. Evan Finkel

    Musics not secured?

    I am using a lot of DS resource pack musics in my project, when I compress game data. The musics doesn't hide. It is still showing in the folder. How to get rid of it? Thank you. ~ Regards  Zalett
  8. thinkpadius

    How do I Access Map Data in order to Automate Transfer Coordinates?

    Here's what I want to do: 1) When the player reaches the edge of a map, they will transfer to a randomly selected map. (I've sorted that out, it's a series of conditionals based on a random number call) 2) When the player arrives at the new map, their position will be automatically chosen...
  9. Wirtle

    Filed to Compress Game Data

    So I made a quick little game and I'm now trying to compress the game and put it on mediafire so people can download my game. Every time I go to compress the game to my desktop it goes through the loading bar. When it finishes this window pops up:  Is there anything I' doing wrong here? or is...
  10. S.Court

    URGENT: Maps don't appear in editor

    Hi everybody, well, I have a really big problem with my project, that's what happened: I was working in my game, and I was starting the playtest, exactly at this moment, there was a small energy cut and the computer turned off, I turned on again and I tried to open the program when a advice...
  11. Original state sprite sheet location

    I'm new around there, and I have some troubles with custom sprites. About their format, actually. I hope I'm not asking something which has already been answered... Actually, what I want to do is to create a new state : Super Poison (got the idea from Pokemon, it's actually a poison which is...
  12. AceSax

    Database Limit Breaker 1.1

    Hey^^ For me, it's showing an error after the first event says - "Welcome to the demo of Database Limit Breaker!" Then an error saying - "NameError occurred while running script. uninitialized constant Game_Interpreter::PK8_DLB." That comes up :/ Your quote - " Depending on how far into...

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