1. Aliasing Functions that Return (RMMV)

    Hello everyone, I'm working on a script and I'm a bit stuck when it comes to aliasing. If I wanted to alias a function that already has a return command, how would I go about doing so? Unless I'm misunderstanding something (likely) calling the aliased function inside the new function definition...
  2. p0_boy


    Howdy, folks- I have the following code: let event_to_clone = (eventId_code) => { let result = {}; switch (eventId_code === parseInt(eventId_code, 10)) { case false: let temporary = eventId_code.toString().split(`.`); let mapId = temporary[0]...
  3. ougitou1

    help with data manager

    hello, im first, ougi or whatever hmm call me ougi anyway, ive been trying to do this for a while and it seems that im regressing nstead of progressing so ill ask for an outside opinion on the matter. *inhales, wait, exhale* ok ive been trying to pull a variable from Datamanager, 'i think its in...
  4. Zausen

    Wath happen with json files and notes?

    Hello everybody! I was designing an plugin and in the process I think... If I create a new json and a new object and I explain to datamanager it, will it work? For example: Json file X: [ {A: "miau miau miau", B: "mew mew mew", C: "nya nya nya"}, {A: "miau2 miau2 miau2", B: "mew2 mew2 mew2"...
  5. Unqou

    [SOLVED] How to correctly "aliasing"?

    Hi. I'm completely new to JavaScript and I have one question: if I would like to "aliasing", for example, DataManager.loadDatabase, is this code is considered correct? (function() { var _DataManager_loadDatabase = DataManager.prototype.loadDatabase; DataManager.prototype.loadDatabase...
  6. Wavelength

    *Advanced Question* Inventory doesn't show up in menu or battle!

    This is a relatively difficult question and I've done a lot of custom scripting, so while I'd be incredibly grateful for a solution, even just a brainstorm of ideas or a point in the right direction would be appreciated. For a while, I have noticed that when I do a Battle Test, and choose...
  7. Engr. Adiktuzmiko

    Game Custom Data v1.26

    -Overview- So basically this allows the creation of an extra file for modifying and saving custom data during runtime that is not linked to a save file so that you can share those data in-between saves and even in-between different games. You can modify the path, file name and path of the...
  8. Engr. Adiktuzmiko

    Save $data

    Save $data v1.00 by Adiktuzmiko       ++ Intoduction ++     Normally, when you edit in-gamethe values of the $data items (like $data_actors, $data_classes etc), those edits are lost after closing the game. This is because the game doesn't save the $data objects into the file.   So, I created...

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