1. Zausen

    Save new custom data

    Hello everybody! I'm not sure if this is the correct place for my question, If not i´ll rewrite it again in the correct place. if this place is corect, Perfect! I'm designing some scripts for a game. (I have some simple javascripts, when finish cleaning them I think that I will share them)...

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Making test maps is really illuminating when it comes to figuring out how the real maps should be. It's like the outline that one writes for the story before writing the actual story.
I am adamant about not having missable quests, which means having to write entirely new scenes at each plot progression that takes into account that time and events have passed since the quest could first be accepted while still having there be a quest to solve in the first place. It's worth every second.
Surprisingly useful and thought provoking
Working on animation. Trying to see if I can apply it meaningfully to my games!

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