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  1. mavins16

    (Poll) Pushing a Canon Couple in a Sim Dating Game? Yay or Nay?

    So... I'm developing a game where the marriage mechanic is like any fire emblem game lol. If you don't know the fire emblem marriage mechanic. It's basically like you developing a relationship with the chosen character and marrying them. You just need to earn enough support points and go through...

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10/24 done :3 Maybe I can finish 11 and 12 this weekend^^
Been updating my game's control scheme to optionally use a mouse. Now the player pixel moves towards the mouse destination, which looks super sweet with the sparkles. Also turns out I made a Mouse Common Event plugin at some point... Thanks past me. :LZSexcite: Now the mouse wheel cycles different forms, and the right mouse button activates that form's special. :LZScool:
Oh man the controls in Mario Sunshine are pretty awful and I haven't even witnessed the controls without FLUDD

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