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  1. How can I accomplish a tiny bit more complicated good end/bad end system?

    So I’m working on planning out a Dating Sim type game, and I don’t just want to have something where it’s like “choose option A to get good end and choose option B to get bad end” In my head I want to make it so that over the course of that character’s route, you have three important choices...
  2. KazXart84

    RMMZ Gestalt Principle (Persona-like)

    You are Eiko Godric, an individual with a special power, which lets him open a Gate, into the minds of his Targets, a twisted Dreamworld of there reality who all there secrets as well as there past are hidden in plain sight for you to see. As Eiko, you start a new life in a new small Town City...
  3. jigida70

    RMMV Dating Sim (Replacing Battles with Interactions)

    I've been working on a prototype for a Dating Sim. I'm using the battle system for what I call interactions. For the prototype, the battle/interaction is Eve (the roommate you're trying to have a relationship with), says she has something to show you on her phone. You sit down next to her. From...
  4. FREE [Unpaid] League of Mana: Princess Blade Fantasy - Project Recruitment for otome/jrpg game

    Updated: The game name title has been changed to different series! Engine: RPG Maker MV About the game: League of Mana: Princess Blade Fantasy is a otome/Japanese role-playing game with adventure and dating sims, inspired by Final Fantasy and Tales series. You play as unnamed female...
  5. Mallowbird

    RMMV Investigator Intern Demo Release!

    View and Download on After 9 months of development, it's finally here! Thank you for taking an interest in my first game! This is a demo, meaning that it is not the full game (the full game is currently still in development). Investigator Intern is an otome game with four love...
  6. mathmaster74

    RMMV How Do I Love Thee? (Demo) {Religious Viewpoints & Unused Sex Skill Type}

  7. how to make character creator

    I'm making a visual novel/dating sim in rpg maker. I know how it's done, thats not the problem. the problem is, i want the MC's face sprite to change depending if they pick male, female, neither and their race and class. is there any way with a plugin or otherwise that i can change the face...
  8. WereWorld

    RMMV Dungeon Dreams

    Hello, everyone. I'm working on "Dungeon Dreams": A JRPG that features: ROGUELIKE elements DATING SIM system TOWN BUILDING NON LINEAR plot OPEN-ENDED quest system Plot Summary Ecallia. A town visited my many adventurers. Here lies the Dungeon, rumored to be the prison of the so-called...
  9. Goddiga

    RMVXA Love x Lust (Unfinished Alpha Version 0.1)

    [Waiting for reconstruction]
  10. cavemanK

    RMVXA Class Rules: SUPER BOOTLEG EDITION DEMO [Disclaimer: Politics/Sex]

    CLASS RULES: SUPER BOOTLEG EDITION At Trafalgar Tech, Vince is finally ready to determine if he is worthy to call himself a true GAME DESIGNER. Further, he and his classmates are tasked with succeeding against all odds: they must enter a suffocating job market dominated by faceless...
  11. terrorchan

    If you were to play a visual novel, how would you prefer it play?

    This may seem like a silly question, but if you were to play a visual novel or a dating sim, how do you think it would be best to operate? Option A would be that there is no 'walking around' or exploring, it's all done with picture. Think Clannad. or would you prefer  Option B it...
  12. BlackRoseMii

    Hearts Melody

    -Hearts Melody- After entering a contest and winning a scholarship for a famous highschool that specializes on music, you arrive in your new school. With you is your best friend Isabel, who attends the same school. But besides her, you know noone. As you go through the first day of school, you...
  13. RainbowGrenade

    Infinity Tower - DEMO Available!

    Update 4/8/16: The demo is FINALLY available! I've got the first ten levels of the dungeon available, as well as a few quests. Don't get too bored. The full release will have a couple more areas to explore for your hub town, and also 40 more floors to battle through. Also, look forward to...
  14. PKLpikachu

    [IGMC 2015] Slime Heart

    PLOT: Aqua, a Slime from the Slime Forest, falls in love with Taylor, a young man from the neighboring village. Determined to win his heart, Aqua takes the form of a human and visits Taylor. While she's in the village, Aqua also meets Taylor's childhood friend Alex and falls for her as well...
  15. Atlas Rose

    Status Bars

    I'm making a dating sim, but I want it to be a little different. Instead of the one "romance" bar, I'm wanting 3 bars to show comfort, respect, and trust. I'm looking for something that will show these different status bars, like the health bar, when you talk to a character. I plan to...
  16. sapiboong

    Inertia Chronicle (Trailer available!)

      Presents           "Hiya, guys! To reward you, loyal players of Inertia Chronicle, we have decided to make a special event!"   "This event will last... forever!"   One hundred thousand players of the virtual MMORPG Inertia Chronicles are trapped inside the game. It's your first time logging...
  17. Archeia


    RMN || TUMBLR || TWITTER   Days will blossom and fall, in this greatest time of need, how will you choose to live?       efflorescence /ˌɛflɔːˈrɛsəns/ a bursting forth or flowering   When a group of adventurers found themselves venturing into uncharted territory, they found themselves lost deep...
  18. AvarinaSkye

    Story Feedback (Fantasy/Tactical)

    Hello RPGM community! I just started using RPGM VX Ace, and after fooling around with it, I wanted to bring an old story of mine out of the ashes. Title of the game: The Forgotten Gates to Purgatory Originally, it was Forgotten Purgatory, but that was 3 years ago, and this is my story :P...
  19. pao_8d

    I can't do it by myself OTL (profile menu)

    Hello there! I'm trying to do a visual novel with dating sim game and, since I'm more a writer/artist than a scripter, I'm a total fail with the codes OTL Thing is, I searched all the internet looking for some dating sim-like scripts for my game, but I couldn't find anything (is anyone...
  20. MagmarFire

    Through the Mind (Working Title)

    Through the Mind (Working Title) Note that any and all sections are subject to change as development progresses.   When three unfortunate girls end up mentally scarred and immobilized, it falls to a young man to go inside their minds and confront the ill memories that ail them.   Game...

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