day and night cycle

  1. definite_lee

    Day/Night Cycle Design

    Hello! I'd like to open up a discussion into designing day/night systems in your game. This is not to talk about how to do it, (i.e. with plugins, or events) but rather a topic on what sort of considerations and design choices you would make when designing a day/night time system in your game...
  2. Hayolee

    How to Run Plugin Code

    Here is some code I've written: I have a parallel process event that sends the plugin command "run". I want it to be an incredibly simple day and night cycle just to get the hang of creating plugins, running them, etc. I can't seem to get this to run.
  3. McPaul

    Vehicle Step Counter?

    Any way to count steps when a player is in a vehicle? I have a day/night cycle based on Player steps that works when Player is walking around. But when the Player gets in a vehicle, turns out, the game doesn't count its movements as steps. Any plugins or something for this?
  4. Codfish

    Day/Night System

    Hey! I'm rather new to RPG Maker and I had this idea for a day/night cycle system. However, it would be really cool if an image overlay was triggered by the time of day that way you could customize the light changes for each map. I know there is a day/night plugin already, but does anybody...
  5. OcRam

    OcRam - Time system plugin [v2.06 updated 2020/05/12]

    Introduction This plugin will give you easy to configure time system to your RPG Maker MV projects! Plugin has also more advanced features to make your game look EXACTLY as you want it. You do not need any parallel events to maintain time system. And imagine that you got tileset that responds...
  6. Zerothedarklord

    RMMV Legacy of Eathetoria

    Legacy of Eathetoria (Pronounced "E-Thuh-Tor-E-Yuh") SECTION A: GAMEPLAY MECHANICS SECTION B: CHARACTERS - NOT a starting character - Background and character still under development, with minor bits and some framework started [/LIST] [/SPOILER] SECTION C: STORYLINE/PLOT [/LIST]...
  7. Heirukichi

    Customizable Clock and Time (Day/Night cycle)

    Night/Day System - VX Ace Clock - v. 1.0.5 by Heirukichi Description This script adds a Day/Night cycle and in-game time to your VX Ace game. In addition to that it adds a customizable "clock" to your game. The so called clock is no real clock, it is more like an image used to display night and...
  8. Screen tint based on variable not working?

    I'm attempting to get a day and night cycle working and I'm having trouble with the screen tints. I'm using a parallel common event and 3 variables, minutes, hours and days. Every 60 frames adds 1 to minutes, at 60 minutes it adds 1 to hours and subtracts 60 from minutes. At 24 hours, it adds 1...
  9. JohnDoeNews

    AutoSave+ (Also for weather, day/night, skillgrid etc)

    ======================================== ABOUT THIS PLUGIN - JDN_AutoSavePlus.js ======================================== This plugin: Runs common event of your choice - when you switch maps - when you lvl up Saves or loads the game at a plugin command This is useful for: - Autosave - Weather...
  10. Black Noise

    Working on an Event-based Day/Night cycle

    Hi. For my RPG Maker MV project, I'm developing a rather elaborate Day/Night cycle. Unlike most games that run on condensed in-game hours that consist of maybe half or so minutes, I'm trying out a more realistic Day/Night Cycle that runs on actual 60-minute hours. To elaborate on this, I took...
  11. Zane

    *Last Update - 8/8/14* Day and Night cycle using a common event!

    This is the old tutorial from October 12, 2013 - August 7, 2014. You may continue to read it if you wish, however most if not all of the information is old and is not qualified enough to be a decent working tutorial. Common Event: This is the longest part. But it should only take 1min and...

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