1. kaffe

    RMMV Castle's Labyrinth - A game I made in a day.

    I have a bad habit of starting projects and never finishing them, so I decided to give myself a challenge: make a game to completion within a single day. Well, this is a finished project, for all that it may be. It is not at all what I anticipated making when I started, and it's probably not...
  2. NatuElChido

    Item Morph/Item Trade

    Hello! This overall is an open question, because I want to read some ideas how to implement this system. For a little of context, my game have a night/day cicle (Similar to persona games) where in day you pick-up items and the history progresses and in the night, you do the actual fighting of...
  3. Roseredpinball

    RMVXA Dog Days

    This is my first time posting a game to this forum and it's still in its very early stages so please go easy on me. Here goes!: Summary: Have you ever wondered what it was like to be a dog? No? Well, now you can (be a dog)! Play as one of nine different dogs each with their own unique story...
  4. Neo_Kum0rius_6000

    Music script for day and night?

    Right now I'am trying to make different music for the routes depending on if its day or night. I'am using https://forums.rpgmakerweb.com/index.php?threads/basic-game-time-night-day.1079/ That script. Does anyone know how to pull this off? If you do then please tell me! :) BTW I'am using VX Ace.
  5. Rinobi

    Ultimate Day/Night & Weather System [Alpha]

    Ultimate Day/Night & Weather System By: Rinobi Version History 0.7 Alpha Release [12/24/2015] Introduction This script adds a totally customization calendar system complete with day/night cycles, seasonal weather patterns and tilesets. The goal is to give the developer complete control over...
  6. Nik0405

    Nik0405's Events | ***NEWEST: Day/Night/Weather-Event V1.5.0***

    Nik0405's Events by Nik0405 This is an collection of all my Events/Tutorials for the "RPG Maker MV". Please report bugs or things that could be improved, ask me for other Events/Tutorials I should do and feel free to ask if you don't understand something. Also feedback is very...
  7. Patryk

    Best, and easiest way to do NPC Schedules

    I'm a huge fan of games like Gothic I & II, Fallout 3 & NV, The Elder Scrolls series, because of many reasons, but the one I have in mind right now is NPC schedules. They not only add so much to the immersion factor, but it's just generally very fun to have them, they make the world feel a lot...
  8. SebazWorld

    Time/Day Keeping Script

    Okay, so I'm going to be asking for a really big script here. Before I get started, let me say that you'll get a free copy of my project and credit. I'm making an arcade type game where the play sees how long they can survive in a cave with a monster chasing them. If the monster touches them...
  9. C-C-C-Cashmere (old)

    Ways to Make Day/Night Systems Useful

    Often many RPGs just tack on the Day/Night system like nobody's business and expect it to work for their game. It seems that all they want is a sense of "realism" in the game, as it turns to day and night automatically, and they expect the player to be like, "Cool! Now it's slightly more tinted...
  10. Where has the Timer option gone?

    Hello Everyone, So, I only just started using RPG Maker VX Ace. Used to be a pro on RPG Maker 2003. But my favourite thing to do in RPG Maker 2003 has since been removed from RPG Maker VX Ace and I was wondering if there was some backdoor way to still do it. I used to spend hours developing...

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