1. OcRam

    OcRam - Time System plugin (for MV)

    Introduction This plugin will give you easy to configure time system to your RPG Maker MV projects! Plugin has also more advanced features to make your game look EXACTLY as you want it. You do not need any parallel events to maintain time system. And imagine that you got tileset that responds...
  2. Day/Night - Sleep plugin

    Friends i have looked for a while to find a plugin or way way that i can setup a system for my game that does the following. Would like it to have a Day/Night system that of course will control the lighting in the game. As well i would love it to remind the player to rest/sleep and if the...
  3. RLFHOG3

    in game Day/Night cycle

    So theres an idea i'm playing with and that's the concept of a day night cycle. Similar in nature to how in bravely default while out on the world map after a set amount of time the music would change and in would become night time and the enemy encounters would change. How might one go...
  4. The Commander

    Adding "Day" Variable to the Menu

    Hi there, my newest project has a day/night cycle using common events and switches, and I'd thought I'd ask if there's a way I can add a "Day" counter (storing the days in a variable that adds 1 day to the variable at the end of every cycle) to the main menu, like above the "Gold" box or...

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