1. contentdeleted

    RPGMania - Stepmania/DDR Minigame with chart support

    RPGMania v1.0 Stepmania/DDR style rhythm mini-game with .SM chart support and pseudo-3d background visuals. Source Code Demo Project (Updated: v1.0.1) Features Support for most .SM chart features with correct note timings Background visuals with character sprite that moves to the music...
  2. Help converting RPG maker VX script to VX Ace (Dance Minigame)

    Hi, I was wondering if someone could help me convert a script from RPG maker VX to RPG maker VX Ace. It's Rei's dance minigame script. I want to use it in a personal project. While I am aware that Shiggy made dance minigame script in 2016 specifically for VX Ace, it's not what I'm looking for as...
  3. Bowtirage

    Theatrhythm Plugin Timing help?

    I recently watched a video about this cool plugin that turned battles into music events like DDR. I would like to look into making a game with this system but is it possible to match up the buttons with the music so it's not random arrows not even matching the beat? That's really a main part...

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I realized recently since my game is still a turn based game, that something like the card game Yomi is a lot closer to what I should try to aim for combat wise. Should also help for those who don't really play fighting games to make things a bit easier to understand. ugh the struggles of trying to show love for my 2 favorite genres in 1 go lol.
Did a bit of work on the chemistry tiles I want.

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My next plugin will be: "Dynamic Temperature Stats"

Now you might be wondering... What does it do?

Well, it's a fascinating plugin that adds a body temperature mechanic to characters.

Holy crap, it's cold. Our heat went out this morning and the repair guy won't get the part needed to fix it at least until tomorrow. Had to be now of all times, when we have stuff to do all week and it's the coldest night of November so far.
I have invented a new food: soupie!
It is soup-pie! It's what happens when you try to make a pie, and it turns out super gooey and falls apart and you need a spoon to eat it! Soupie! Said like sue-pie. Not soupy - oh just let me eat my sad apple pie :kaothx:

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