1. RMMV Dead Sprites Chrono Engine ABS

    Hello! It's me again with more Chrono Engine ABS questions. It seems like people aren't super fond of helping with this plugin due to its complexity, so I am sorry to bother. Would there be a way to make an ABS enemy change to a dead sprite once you kill them? By default, the event fades out and...
  2. Skill that inflict more damage when allies are dead

    Hi Everyone, I would like to make a skill that increase the damage depending on how many allies are dead in the party. I am realy not good at formules and i tried to look if there is a possibility to count how many allies are dead, but i didn't found. Is there a formule or a way with Yanfly...
  3. QueenTeaYT

    Can I change the Game Over text?

    I only see title screen options. :(
  4. Arctorius

    Heal dead and alive members

    So, dumb question, is there a plugin that lets you heal both dead and alive members? As far as I know the only one I could find had compatibility problems with Yanfly's. I've checked Yanfly's Target and Selection Core but there doesn't seem to be a notetag that let's you do that. I searched in...
  5. Poupouille

    How to put a message at the end of a fight when the enemy is dead?

    Hello:kaohi: At the end of my fight, when the player beats the enemy, I would simply like to put a message "Congratulation, your HP has increased by 200". I tried several configurations in the "Troop" part, but absolutely nothing works: my message doesn't appear once the enemy dies. Do you...
  6. Ivan_the_Terrible

    Ghost followers

    Greetings, fellow bipeds. I hope I have the right forum. If not, please excuse me; I'm new here. I think I have the right one. I also tried looking for this in the forums before posting, but I couldn't find anything along the lines I was wanting. Do any of you remember the NES Dragon Warrior II...
  7. Isabella Ava

    Check if several enemies are dead?

    Hi there, i wonder how to check if specified enemies are dead or not in Battle? as well as if specified enemies affected by state X or not? Thanks guys, pls Help @.<
  8. Isabella Ava


    WRONG SECTION Please close this thread
  9. Avery

    Killing me softly... - Down poses for MV!

    @Candacis had suggested something like that long time ago, better late then never, I guess ;3 For best results, download the tutorial image and look at in a graphic programm of your chice so you can zoom in whenever you need it! If you have any questions or feedback, let me know! I highly...
  10. Lynvia

    Walking Dead (Followers KO'd or DEAD that keep walking)

    Probably a basic question answered elsewhere, so my apologies if it was, because this seems quite basic. I've searched the whole forums and only found a couple VX Ace questions about this. When I have a party member (or the leader) KO'd or dead state, when returning to the map, their follow...
  11. declan999

    Behaviour Sprites for programme make sprites

    Hello Myself with a group of friends are building a medium size RPG game using VX Ace. We have an artist making the portraits and we've been using Game Character Hub to make the sprites. However to my knowledge the programme is unable to make behaviour sprites similar to the ones that are...
  12. Neverstarstudios_Dev

    One Dead Night Project

    I need Help from you guys I have been working on trying to make a game for a long time but ya know its kind hard being only one dev The game is going to be free and I am just doing this for fun. The game revolves around a student from Blackpine University she is a junior and has been bullied for...
  13. Dead stay Dead... and begone?

    Hi all, Is it possible so when an Actors HP reaches 0 and they die, that they are also removed from the party? Thanks for your time. ^.^ e.g. If a party member was damaged through an event that happened outside of battle and by chance that made them drop to 0 is there a way I can also have...
  14. tsu

    flooded tiles and bloodied edited sprites (quadruple?) request

    I hope i'm not requesting too much in this post, I just don't wanna spam the forum and I need a few things :) all of this is for rpg maker vx ace btw I'm planning on having a house more or less flood after an earthquake, but I can't find any tiles for it does anyone know where I can find...
  15. Jericho Swain

    How I do make dead party members stay on the field ?

    How do I make dead party members stay on the field instead of disappearing like monsters when they die ? Im pretty sure there is a script for this but I cant seem to find it. Also I am using Galv's Animated Battlers if anyone was wondering. Thanks :D  also Yanfly core + Battle Engine
  16. Getting Battle Values

    In Battle how do you get:             1.  Whether an actor is being ordered and which one.             2.  Whether a actor is being attacked, which one, and by which enemy.             3.  Whether an enemy is being attacked, which one, and by which actor.             4.  Whether an actor or...
  17. captainproton

    dead followers

    Thanks to Uzuki, i now know how to make the sprites of dead chars look like coffins, but we are both actually having trouble with something: When exploring maps, dead chars change to coffin sprites. That's great, and the effect I want for my game, but if the lead char is dead, then your...
  18. captainproton

    Sideview Battler Actor Death Help, Please!

    Hi!  I couldn't find this topic posted anywhere already, so I hope someone here will be able to help.  I found a great script by Yanfly (all hail Yanfly) for sideview battles.  The only problem I'm having with it is when an Actor dies, the sprite remains on the battlefield, running in place...
  19. Matseb2611

    Unrevealed - a horror story (full beta version is out)

    General features: - An interactive horror story - The game has no combat and instead concentrates more on the suspense and mystery, as well as a few puzzles here and there - Approximate length: about 1 hour - Choose to play as either a male or a female character - 3 different endings, one...
  20. Tiamat5774

    Walking dead

    I've got a problem I don't know how to fix.  First off, let me explain that I've created a common event that makes dead characters change graphic to a coffin. Now when all 4 of the party dies, four coffins still move on the map instead of "game over".  How do I get the game over after a total...

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