1. Rinobi

    Manual Defeat / Gameover

    Manual Defeat by: Rinobi This script allows automatic gameovers to be disabled via switch. It functions within all applicable scenes and includes an additional switch to disable in-battle victories. A simplistic yet powerful tool. See script header for details.
  2. YellowIris

    Actor's HP Reaches Nan When Death Occurs?

    Hi guys! So, I'm having a few issues with my game in the sense that, when my character's are fighting battlers, and they get killed by an enemy, their HP doesn't go to 0. It just says NaN (not a number) I'm assuming. Same with their MP. When it reaches 0, they can still use magic. I'm sure I'm...
  3. Riku_Masamune

    Help with states in battle Poison=/=Death

    Well, I tried searching in Google to see if this question had been answered, but no I couldn't find anything... BUT! Onto the question... Well, from the title it has to deal with enemies dying from poison. But is there a way to fix it to were enemies actually fade out when they die from poison...
  4. Ancientspark74

    Why do inns heal death?

    Why is it that I was able to HEAL a player back to LIFE in an inn?  How do I FIX this?
  5. romoku

    Death by having full MP

    Greetings! I recently came across a problem in my project. I was searching for a script which made it possible for specific actors to die if they reach 100% mana. However i could not find anything. I never touched the world of scripts myself so i would like to have a little help. What i need is...
  6. Del

    Doomed State

    Hello I wanted to know if anyone knows how to make a State that cause death over a specified amount of turns to the actor affect with this state, Like a time bomb or something like that used in battle. I've tried using Gilgamar's Plugin State Common Events, but didnt know how to get it to work...
  7. RPG MAKER VX ACE: Death Problems

    Okay so here's the thing. I know I can get this topic somewhere, but they're not working for me. I just want to know how to make the actors invisible or maybe remove from battle when they die (not removing from the party) I'm having troubles. Help me please! This is the only problem I have.
  8. styx92

    Add state with variable to death state

    Hello there, i tried to make a death state that adds one new state by removing the death state. i'm using yanfly's Buffs and State Core The new state should be one of three states. Here is my "script" xD <Custom Remove Effect> if(1 === \v[1] && a.isActor()) { ###check if...
  9. Dacuna

    How to make bosses immune to an instant death skill?

    So I've made a skill that has a 1000% chance of causing the Death (Knockout) state, but of course I don't want it to work on certain enemies such as bosses and special monsters. I've tried setting the State Rate (not State Resist) of those certain enemies to 0% like I've heard other people...
  10. Mirai Ko

    Death State Removes Actor

        I want to create an effect of, when a party member is killed, if they are not revived after an amount of turns,  they are removed from the party. I think this can be done using Yanfly Buff and States Core but I'm not sure how to go about it.     I was thinking of having the death state...
  11. Default Battlers Faint graphic not switching upon Death

    Hey guys, I recently upgrade to MV and went through the motions of converting one of my old ACE projects using this: Ace Script Converter It basically exports out all the JSON data from the game and you copy and paste it into your MV data folder. While there needed to be some...
  12. Random Panda

    All Enemies Dead issue

    Hello, hopefully someone can help me here. I have set up a battle system where if a critical hit happens if uses a combo move. I have done this by adding a common event to my attack command that has a percentage chance of activating. However even if all the enemies are dead, the common event...
  13. Chester

    Character Deaths

    I would like everyone to express their feelings or in this case a meme, after the death of a character meow :3 Just so everyone knows, SPOILER ALERT!!!!! Spider-man
  14. Noxela

    Enemy "Death" Conditions Script

    Hello, RPG Maker community!  :) I'm new to this incredible line of game making programs and stumbled across a problem which is hindering my ability to move forth with my game creation. You see, the game I'm working on runs a unique (but not original) battle style, in which the enemy will...
  15. Sleep curing death

    I am new to RPG Maker series and am working on my first game. I was disapointed to see that when I slept the inn effect (recover all specifically) was working too well. The inn's effect is curing ALL status ailments as well. Is there a way for me to program which status ailments the cure...
  16. DarkSpectral

    I need help :P

    Hi! I am an amateur developer. I usually work with Unity but it's 2D is horrible so i decided that i would make a game using RPG Maker. BUT i have some problems xD I NEVER used this engine in my life so i don't understand a lot of things. Sure i know the basics but i want help with some...
  17. Instant enemy death on second enemy

    Hi everyone, I'm currently having an issue on RPG Maker VX Axe. When I start a 'battle test' in the database everything goes successfully. when I'm battling the first enemy who has 100 HP, dies normally by being hit twice, once with 89 HP then again with 88 HP. BUT, the second enemy which...
  18. Kevin O'Ryan

    Death Sprite for Silent Hill Nurse (Sprites Made)....

    Hello, I don't normally do this for I like to try on my own... but, I have been trying to figure out the death sprites... and I can't seem to do them right... they always look, well cruddy.. (I can't figure out the 3D part of it is what I mean...) I have made a Silent Hill Nurse sprite...
  19. Satariel

    Dark Souls continue at bonfire

    Hi, Im working on a ABS project which uses Khas's Awesome "Sapphire Action System IV" and  GGSlayer's "Dark Souls System". I've got them to work pretty good together and has most of the wanted features done, but I want some help with how it handles your death. My request: I want it to...
  20. Snuffy

    Modified Death Sprite Handling

    I feel like my character and enemy (animated enemies) death/knockout sprites are wasted, being that they perform the same way (looped 3 frame animation) while the character is dead.  Would it be possible to modify the handling of the sprites when a character is dead to make use of those three...

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