1. Praygon

    Best and worst RPG you ever played?

    Hi Everybody, Simple and sweet what's the best RPG (be it western or of the J variety) and the worst one you've ever played. What made you love/hate those games? Keep civil and Rember someone's opinion is just that their own flawed opinion and not a statement of fact. Alright, preamble out of...
  2. Daena Grey

    Daily Events

    I was wondering, what everyone's opinion on "Daily Events" in RPG Maker Games are. Daily Events, how shall I describe them? I personally--*Coughcough* am curious about the potential these kind of "Sidequests" if we may call them so, might hold. Would you feel thrilled? Excited? Just want the...
  3. LucidNightmare

    Theory of Everything : A philosophico-educative RPG

    Hi ! Theory of Everything allows the player to travel through the history of science. Your mind will be split between four characters... Characters Isaac is a physicist. He wants to create a theory of everything, which would be able to explain any phenomenon in the universe. But he's...
  4. Helladen

    Audience Targeting

    This is a quick debate thread about how to properly target your said audience. I believe a few things that some people said aren't entirely true. Even though it is the right thing to be done in a certain circumstance, it is not always the case to do it. A few things I would like to address in...
  5. Helladen

    Commercial Games

    Why do people try so hard with commercial RPG Maker games? Unless you've made a game so popular that it makes many of the RPGs on the market today feel empty, then you are an exception, but I see so many people making these games and they aren't even that good. I honestly would never buy any of...

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