1. Help: Skill that heals caster for each enemy affected by state

    I'm looking to create a skill that heals the caster based on the number of enemies/allies affected by a state. Context: the party is fighting a ghost that uses attacks that cause fear effects. When it's low HP it uses "feast on fear" which heals it Xhp for each character in the battle...
  2. Archlvt

    Damage Reacting to State Stacking

    Hello, I'm back again with another unusual and very specific request. I'm looking for assistance with a battle mechanic. This time, I'm looking to make an attack have increased damage or cause multiple values of damage for each stack of a particular state. Ideally, I'd prefer the multiple...
  3. IzumiRecord

    RMMV Stacking bad states

    Hello, I want to be brief on this matter. I have been looking for a pluggin for RMMV for some time, it is very specific what I want to do with this pluggin, it is the stacking of altered states on allies and enemies. A mechanic that comes from a mobile game, Epic7 which allows you to stack...
  4. Gabenslair

    Elderscrolls-esque Stat Debuff/Restore

    In the older elderscrolls games (for example morrowind), your level's stats are more like max caps for your actual stats, as they could be left drained out from a disease and left like that until you cast a spell or drink a potion that restores it back. Thank you.
  5. Parlu10

    Bypass buff and debuffs

    Hi everyone, I was wondering if it's possible to make a skill that can bypass buffs and debuffs applied on the target. Thanks in advance for your help
  6. What is the code to add a debuff on a target?

    Using Yanfly's Skill Core (http://yanfly.moe/2015/10/13/yep-8-skill-core/) to try and add a debuff on the target after a skill is used. The format given is: <Post-Damage Eval> code </Post-Damage Eval> I can't find an answer anywhere, thanks in advance!
  7. LazESigma

    Weapon Trait to Remove Enemy Buffs

    Hello, I'm looking to create a weapon called the Dispel Staff. On a normal attack, I'd like for it to remove any buffs an enemy may have. (or as a set % chance to remove them) I see this is possible via the Skills UI on the Param tab. "Remove Debuff". Even using a State via the weapon when...
  8. atoms

    Wanting three separate buffing skills mechanic. Best balance? Your thoughts?

    I am looking for some input and thoughts about how to handle three stacked buffs and debuffs in a RPG Maker MV game. I was thinking of having buff and debuff skills that can stack three times, each at the moment lasting 5 turns. What % amount would you recommend them to be? Using the default...
  9. RachelTheSeeker

    Exact Numbers For A Buff/Debuff?

    Hey folks. I've begun to work on a project again, and had a query to make a certain type of buff or debuff in-game. Because I don't feel the title can convey what I mean, here's an example. Say I'm trying to create an AD&D-esque system for a game. In this case, I'm trying to make buffs and...
  10. Hagal_

    Timed Buffs and Debuffs

    I have one mayor thought that I cannot find the answer to. If I want the player to get Buffs bound by time rather than turns, how would that be done? Lets say the buff is held for 10 minutes, now matter how many or few battles engaged. Could this be done without a plugin or is there a plugin...
  11. Benja

    How to make a successful defend prevent status effects? [Galv's Timed Button Attacks]

    Hiya guys. I'm having a bit of trouble with a feature I want implemented. I'm using Galv's Timed Button Attacks in my battle system, and I wanted to implement a feature where a successful defend from an attack that would give you a status effect will prevent it from being inflicted on the...
  12. Making a Permanent Stat Debuff?

    I'm a new RPG Maker using MV, and a game mechanic I'm tinkering with is purely item-based stat growth. As part of that, I tried to come up with a 'steroid' item, that would provide a massive buff to a stat, Attack, that would taper off and end with the actual base stat being a point...
  13. Esjitu

    Enemy Repellent Trouble

    I'm trying to make a 'repel' item (ex. Pokemon) that halves (standard) or eliminates ('max repel' version) encounters for [x] number of steps. This is the easy part - I've got it set so the item adds a custom state with the party ability 'encounter half' or 'encounter none' and removes the...
  14. Onibaku

    Buffs/Debuffs icon change

    Hello everyone (sorry in advance for my poor English level) I did a search on the forum (and on google too), several people asked the question but never got an answer, so I'll try to explain it more. I just installed the Yanfly's plugin (Buffs & States Core), but I have a little problem. At...
  15. Dragonarkon

    [SOLVED][RMMV] Help wanted for creating states based on remaining HP, MP, and TP

    Summary: I am looking to create states that will procure when Hit Points, Magic Points, and Technical Points reach certain levels for both actors and enemies in the hope of creating a type of juggling act for players as they have to watch and maintain a balance between each. If any one of these...
  16. Augment Debuffs

    I'm liking this attachable augments a lot! Everything i want to do seems to be moving along smoother than some other things i've tried. But I can't figure out why the debuffs aren't working. also remove element +%  attachment on a weapon seems to make the wearer weaker to the element...
  17. Kevin Eontrainer

    State that Resists/Immune to Buffs and Debuffs

    Hello, everybody! Is there any way to make a state that makes a battler immune to buffs and debuffs? No, not state, but the buffs and debuffs from the "Add Buff" command from the Effects part in the Skills tab. Because I'm making a state that pretty much avoids everything including...
  18. Making a skill with random effects

    Hi, I'd like to make a "Wheel of Fortune" kind of skill, but I have no idea how to make the script/common event or where to put it/how to call it. To be more specific, I want to know how to make a skill that can do at least one of these: A - cause damage based on a random element B -...
  19. Help with states and buffs/debuffs

    Okay, so I need to make it so that when an actor attacks using a particular weapon, if the enemy is hit by the attack, the enemy will automatically get debuffed, say speed, by a fixed amount, say 5, instead of a percent. The way I think I was supposed to do this is by: Create a new state that...
  20. Debuff in RMMV

    Hello everyone, I'm trying to learn how to utilize javascript in RMMV However I have a problem regarding increasing or decreasing parameter when using a skill. For example, I would like to create a stacking decrease defense to the enemy. Usually you just can do something like this...

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