1. Mur

    Game.exe lost gamepad after collapse/expand window

    Hi! When i run standalone file game.exe (or run directly from rpgmaker mv) and call debugger window with command "navigator.getGamepads()" i got empty list of gamepads: Then i click on gamepad button "A" and got my gamepad in list: If i collapse and expand window with game.exe...
  2. Solistra

    SES Debugger (Set break points with contextual awareness.)

    SES Debugger v1.2 by Solistra Introduction This script provides a simple debugger with break point functionality using the SES Console. Essentially, you establish a series of break points on specific lines within scripts in the Ace Script Editor — when the line is encountered, execution stops...
  3. Mithran

    Graphical Object Global Reference

    Graphical Object Global Reference VX (game.exe crash debugger) by Mithran NOTICE: This is the VX version of the script. For the VX ACE Version go HERE Introduction Getting seemingly random and yet occasionally predictable Game.exe crashes? "Game.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close"...

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