1. Reccomendations?

    I've been using RPG Maker MV for quite a while now, and I've grown quite comfortable with it. However, I've heard a lot of people who have experience with RPG Maker criticizing RPG Maker MV and suggesting that people just stick with RPG Maker VX Ace. I'm curious to try it out because from what...
  2. ddejan90

    RMVXA Forgotten Memories- Secrets of the past

    Hello! I'm working on a open-world, second life style game where every choice you make matters. It's set for realism, like you need to eat and drink to survive. I put over 1150+ hours and 150e in the game assets, and it has 8 hours of game play currently. I hope you enjoy it and leave some...
  3. _Shadow_

    Variable or swithces? Best practice advice focused on performance.

    So, let's assume I wanna make a system that will decide something, according to some things that occur. Let's say we got 11 Events. There might be 3 things possibly happening to each of them.  What happens to the first, will determine what happens on the second. What happens on both first and...

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October is officially here. I'm hoping to get a call from Spirit Halloween soon. It didn't happen today, but I've got to keep my head high.
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