1. estriole

    EST - RegionMapLoader

    ■ Information ╒══════════════════════════╛ EST - RegionMapLoader Version: 1.0 By Estriole File name: EST_RegionMapLoader.js ■ Introduction ╒══════════════════════════╛ Replace map data you mark with region with other map data. usefull if you want to transform part of the...
  2. estriole

    EST - Build And Decor EX

    ■ Information ╒══════════════════════════╛ EST - Build And Decor EX Version: 1.6 By Estriole File name: EST_Build_And_Decor_EX.js ■ Introduction ╒══════════════════════════╛ Conversion of my EST - BUILD AND DECOR SERIES script from ACE. Mainly this script make you can have...
  3. estriole


    ■ Information ╒══════════════════════════╛ EST - Clone Transform Delete Event Version: 1.9 By Estriole File name: EST_Clone_Transform_Delete_Event.js ■ Introduction ╒══════════════════════════╛ Want to Add New Event based on template event in current / other map or Transform...
  4. estriole

    EST - SAVE MAP EVENTS (My First Java Script Plugin)

    ■ Information ╒══════════════════════════╛ EST - Save Map Event Version: 1.6 By Estriole File name: EST_Save_Map_Event.js ■ Changelog ╒══════════════════════════╛ Earlier changelog inside spoiler... v1.6 2015.12.06 - ability to tag event note / tag event page comment...
  5. Julien Brightside

    Kalez's Art Table

    Really like those snowy chests and floating barrels.

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Why you do this? Now I have to buy the new RPG Maker xD
I've always dreaded planning for my games so I just didn't plan at all. That... didn't work out after all. :kaosigh:
Turns out it can be kind of fun if you keep the scope small and don't take it way too seriously.
well... for the first time in months... I feel like my game is headed towards something again. I finally have it where I won't be drawing battle assets for the rest of the year...

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