1. Haydeos

    Edits by Haydeos! Sprites, Facesets, Icons, Tilesets, Etc.

    So I'm making a game with TheoAllen's side view battle system...and I needed some animated monsters. I get told A LOT by internet people to do things myself (for some reason) so I decided to make some basic edits of the default mobs to use as animated enemies. Noticed as I tested out saving...
  2. Matseb2611

    Matseb's Resources (free for commercial use - tiles, sprites, animated battlers, and more!)

    Update (21/02/2018): Heya guys. I've overhauled this post and removed all the broken image links. Thanks! Hi. This thread contains all resources I've made or edited together and released for public use. Many of these have been released in previous ReStaff releases, however, there'll also be...

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Goblins like spooktober
Welp, ended up at the hospital with the oldest so mebbe might make the game jam's deadline. Maybe not. Regardless, really digging MZ.
I had lots of fun! Kids loved me, and some took pictures. Unfortunately, the videos didn't send... but you'll see Chica in action when I do a trailer for Fandom Scouts!
Dama wrote on akoniti's profile.
Thanks for your review.
I was checking the trailer for details and as the woman shut the door at the exact moment the song I was hearing said "you slim the door" and I couldn't resist to add it there. :D And I used this idea one more time on another scene.

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