default assets

  1. Flannery

    [RMMV] How Do I Find the Missing Default Resources From Back When MV First Released?

    As I was looking around the Forums, I saw that there are supposed to be certain Default Resources available that no longer exist as part of the main download. As I understand it, users could get those resources through a Dropbox link that no longer works or through a link on the Japanese MV...
  2. SunlessRose

    RMMZ Is it okay to use the default assets?

    Hey everyone! So I just wanna get your guys' opinions on using the default assets for your games cause that's what I've been doing. I bought a couple packs and I've been doing some customization but I'm nervous to put my game out there when the time comes cause it's not ALL custom and I know a...
  3. K2loid

    K2Creating (Sprite face edits + XP->MV assets)

    I thought I may as well make a thread for my RM-specific assets. I tend to bias towards big releases rather than intermittent updates, to my own detriment, but may add some smaller stuff. Sprite Face Packs M&! Faces Candymold Colour&Sprite Hoping to have an update...soon-ish. Tilesheets...
  4. Garryg

    I've been trying to get a feel for where the RPG Maker community sits but...

    OK, so I haven't been here long and I've just started looking at making my first real attempt at a game, which will probable be released for free somewhere to see if anybody actually plays it and what they think, possible giving hints on what to do if I want to try to make a better game that...
  5. BrickleYourFrickle

    Default RTP assets

    I'm curious how many people opt to use default assets and why. Personally, I have an aversion to it. This is due to the sheer amount of low-effort projects half-heartedly put out there by amateur game developers. That's not always the case, and not everyone has easy-access to musicians or...

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