1. ts50

    RMMV Variable that changes default attack skill

    For RPG Maker MV, by default selecting the attack command uses skill #1, set as "Attack" and just doing basic damage. In my game, I'm using a timed button press system. But I understand that some users strongly dislike timed button systems and/or cannot do them due to a physical inhibition...
  2. Black Pagan

    Commercial use of Default Resources - RPG Maker MV

    I have a question. Can we modify the Default resources in RPG Maker MV (Tile sets, Char Sets, Iconset, Facesets, Backgrounds) using Image editing Software and rendering them through filters, changing their size, hue, opacity etc and use them in a Commercial Game ?
  3. kaffe

    - Ignore post -

    Hey all, so I have a generally basic question - do you / would you play games made with RTP (that is, the default assets that come with RPG Maker?) I do, and have. I have even bought and enjoyed some that use a lot of RTP. To me, if the game-play and/or story are good them I tend not to care so...
  4. Can't Find File Graphics/Character/Party/Actor4

    Hey, I've got this old project that I haven't touched in a while. I launched it again and it fails after opening a scene that contains one of the missing sprites. Either Actor4 or !Door1 or Vehicle, etc. Basically a bunch of default files that it should have found immediately. After...
  5. Psychronic

    Any Way to Set Yanfly's Keyboard Config to WASD by Default?

    I've been trying to modify Yanfly's Keyboard Config plugin to have the WASD layout by default (since that layout also allows the user to use the arrow keys as well, so it just allows both). But I'm having a hell of a time trying to figure out how to make it so that it's WASD by default. Does...
  6. Yep Weapon Animation Default weapons

    Hello,I'm new to using the Yep Weapon Animation plugin. I've searched online for a solution to the problem I'm having but can't seem to find one anywhere. I followed the video that Yanfly provides to show how to use the plug in to change the looks of your weapons...
  7. RoseGardenGames

    Various Issues With Settings/Preferences

    Hello all! I've been having these two issues for some time now, and I'm hoping I might be able to get some help with them. 1.) I have been told that when users try to change the settings in the game, they do not save. The settings instead revert to the default when launching it again. How can I...
  8. TehChad1988

    Battler Requests for all default Actors in MV

    Hello Everyone, I'm sure this has already been posted somewhere but, where are all of the default actor battlers? Specifically, the in-battle pictures not the sprites for side view. I have found Battlers for Actor1_3, Actor1_4, Actor1_5, Actor1_6, Actor1_7 but Actor1_1 (Harold by default)...
  9. ovate

    Enemy Default State

    EnemyDefaultState - 2018/03/27 Creator name: kido0617 Overview Set default state for enemies Features - If you put <defaultState:4> in enemy's Note field, 4th state is given by default. - For more than one states, <defaultState:4,5> separate state # with a comma. - Short code Preview...
  10. AdamSakuru

    Animate the Default Parallax BG [Solved]

    Does anyone know if there's a plugin for MV that animates the parallax background (the one that displays under the tile-set)? I see years ago Soulpour had uploaded a plugin that did this, but I think he's inactive now and the link to it is dead. Since I haven't been able to find it, I'd like to...
  11. AquaticChaos

    Rules about Recolored/Edited Default Tilesets (Help)

    So to begin, I'm a lackluster pixel artist working on a game- more specifically, a demo- that I've dreamt of for 2+ years. Seeing as I'm having trouble with the maps, is it possible to sell the game- a free demo for now, until I get an artist- using default tilesets, even if they're recolored...
  12. NectherLouieSouribio

    RMMV Default Fantasy: Aldo's Quest

    DEVELOPMENT STATUS: Battle Mechanics. LINKS: | RMN |
  13. NectherLouieSouribio

    RMMV Default Fantasy: The Prison

  14. Nisshoku

    MV's Default Tiles With Brighter Colors

    Alright, so it's short and simple, when I first started using RPG Maker MV, the darker coloring of the tiles just didn't seem to really work for me. They didn't seem bright enough, with very little saturation. So as an easy fix I took all of MV's default tilesets, and increased the saturation...
  15. Pine Towers

    Where each Window.png color is used?

    Hi there! I'm making a custom window.png and got a few problems. I must follow the color code already made there else the game messes up the colors (like, red for health, blue for magic, green for TP...). But the way the colors in window.png are placed look like random! Is there written...
  16. eBuddy

    Water Tile Animation Issue

    Hello everyone! I'm new here but I've browsed through these forums before. So, don't bash me if I seem like a noob. :kaodes: I'm having an issue with the animated water tiles. The tiles update frames in a slightly different pace, making the view look like a giant wave of updated tiles. The...
  17. Set game draw image for default in battle (Script)

    Welcome, I was not sure how to tell you this better, or how I want to tell you this but, I would like the game to automatically default to do something whenever there is fighting. I have been a problem exists in this matter, which I have tried to solve...
  18. Default Cursor Position

    Hello all. I am trying to set the default cursor position for Menu Command to be something other than the first in the index (Items). I'm able to accomplish by fiddling with the "@index = index" line in Window_Selectable. Changing "index" to a number will cause the cursor to appear on the...
  19. Set default hit-ration to 100%?

    Yush, tittle say all, i want to set thease game based default attack hit ration to allways hit when attack -> 100%. How to set thease or where i can edit that default hit-ration into script? Sometimes when enemy/player attack, thease can miss their attack but, this project i need to hit allways.
  20. Kip

    Editing the Character Generator

    Hello! it's me, back again, trying to do things that RPG Maker MV would rather I not do~ Today, we are making changes to the Default character Generator built in to RPG Maker MV! wooo! You see, it has come to my attention that the RPG maker software's limitations make in game characters be...

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