1. ovate

    Damage Formula Extension

    Damage Formula Extension 2017/01/28 Creator name: Triacontane Introduction More functions that can be used for damage formula calculation. How to Use Input function for skill damage formula in database. Example(a.plus_atk), (b.plus_def) Formula functions list: plus_atk(percent, value)...
  2. mogneto

    Divinity 2-based armor defences?

    Hello, It's me, Mogneto! So, I'm making a game a bit inspired in DOS2, and in Divinity there is an armor system that players can't receive damage until their armors (physical for p damage and magical for m damage) reaches zero. Until then, their armors receives the damage value for them, and by...
  3. Guanto

    DEF vs Physical Resistance

    Ah that wondrous esoteric element of physical... (wait huh? anyways...) • What is the technical difference between the DEF param and the Element Rate > Physical * X%? (Beyond the fact one is flat and one is a percentage). • To help justify their co-existence, what are some ways these are used...
  4. Defense Effects

    I was wondering if there was a way to give a penalty for attacking an enemy with a physical attack. For example, say the enemy is a monster made of poisonous slime or is on fire. Then if the player physically attacks them they'd get poisoned or burned. Not really like reflect or counter, I...
  5. Rinober

    RMMV [IGMC 2017] Donut Defense

    The princess discovered an island made of sugar and she chose you, Mr. Muffin, to build a village on that beautiful and tasty island. Build a unique candy town that has never seen before Choose between many buildings to improve your town Defend your town against enemies who want to destroy it...
  6. Morpheus

    Cancel Attack & Defense in Status Menu

    So looking at the status window, I want to disable "Attack" & "Defense" from being selectable. This snippet from "Window_Status" controls that, I assume. Changing the "6.times" to "4.times" disables the bottom two, Agility & Luck is there a way to disable the top two, Attack & Defense using a...
  7. ScientistWD

    Thinking about the Paradigm for Defensive Actors

    As I'm working on my game more and more, I'm trying to brainstorm to myself the different sorts of ways to implement a "defense based" character or class. I am not here to talk about "Healing". Healing is a completely different conversation. Today, I'm thinking about the different mechanics...
  8. jbtwist

    Problem with Skill

    Hi guys, im having a problem with certain skill. I would like this skill to add a status to my character, and that status, to add flat defense on the target. Im using YEP.8-Skill Core, using tags since its impossible on MV. Im writing this, and ive tried almost any tag on lunatic mode of this...
  9. xanax48

    Cuz I'm a BOSS!

    BOSS: I'm the boss of this area. Therfore I have high HP, Defense and Attack stats. You'll never be able to put me to sleep, blind me or use other tactics that you may have found useful lately. I may even take a few cheap shots every now and then.  Protagonist: Don't you think that's a little...
  10. Darkbeetlebot

    [VX Ace] Making DEF and MDEF work as damage resist percentage

    This is going to be a rather simple, minor tutorial on how to make your DEF and MDEF stats (whatever you call them in your game) act as a percentile to damage resistance rather than a classic flat subtraction to damage dealt. Something similar to this was done in Dark Souls 2 with the elemental...
  11. mike9168422

    Weapon Help

    Anybody know how to make a weapon that deals defense ignoring damage to enemies?
  12. Milena

    [RGSS3] Defense in Guard or Individual Actor

    I have a problem about defenses. I just wanted to ask how defense or apply_guard affects the entire guarding system. I was asking this because I wanted to have the actor specifically not affected by any guarding value, or for example, shields won't affect defense by guarding when a boolean is...
  13. Leumas

    Mobile Gaming

    Hey, so lately I've grown more and more addicted to mobile gaming (probably because I just got my first ever phone, like, a month ago) and I was wondering if anyone else loves mobile gaming as much as me... Yeah there's Angry Birds and such that are good, but I like a lot of tower defense games...

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