1. nintendowii111

    Plugin to delete a save if game was updated!

    Also to warn the player on the title screen. I'd love for , after game is updated, for a simple popup to come up on the title to just say "Old saves are not compatible with new version. Old saves have been deleted".
  2. KiraNet

    How I can get RPG Maker MV back after deleting?

    I bought RPG Maker MV and I had to delete all from my PC 'cause a technical issue... I have the Productkey... can I just download it again and type it in there? Or do I have to do it different? I bought the key on Amazon if the info is needed...
  3. Nightblade50

    Should I delete my old game releases?

    So, I have my game, Delta Origins. In the past, I have made a lot of different versions. Some I have deleted, but many I have kept. Here they are in the File Explorer. All of those are old game copies, encrypted releases. All except B-2, which is the current release. They take up a lot of...
  4. Narch

    How to disable YEP_ItemCore "Info Window"? (Picture in post)

    Hi everybody. I love everything of the ItemCore, but have no use for the Info Window on the right. Is there anyway way to disable it? Also, after disabling it, is there a way to get 2 columns back? Thanks for your time.
  5. BonnieLass

    Making events disappear without switches

    Hi everybody, I'm making a game that allows you to sell items in a shop. I'm working on a system to allow for customer interactions. Basically I'm randomizing when customers will show up in the shop. I'm using orange custom events plugin to move an event from one map to another on a random...
  6. How to delete vehicles?

    I have RPG Maker VX Ace I'm trying to make a moment in the game where I create a ship taking off, then switch over to inside of the ship so I can make a cutscene. When the ship is still taking off, I transfer the player to another map, which is the ship. But then the ship appears again when I...
  7. How can I delete MP bars?

    Hi everyone! I don't really understand java so much, I want to delete MP bars from my game, and just replace it for the TP ones, but I can't. Obviouly I want to replace it in combat and menus. Hope anyone can help me with this. Thanks!!!
  8. estriole


    ■ Information ╒══════════════════════════╛ EST - Clone Transform Delete Event Version: 1.9 By Estriole File name: EST_Clone_Transform_Delete_Event.js ■ Introduction ╒══════════════════════════╛ Want to Add New Event based on template event in current / other map or Transform...
  9. KanaX

    Resource Check.

    Is there any way to check which of my resources I have or have not used in my project? I would rather avoid checking it manually through playtest, because the project is pretty big, and branches a bit.
  10. Grayborders

    File management script request/commission.

    Hi there, here is another crazy script request, from your truly.... Ok i got this rather questionable idea in my head, which could have a lot of utility. So this script would use notetags on skills, items, etc. First delete files in, lets say the battler folder and replace it with another file...
  11. Deleting events permanently after the event runs.

    As the title states I am trying to make a event auto delete or stop its self after it completes its actions. - the event in question. What I need help with is how to set it up so that after it runs through the dialogue and the move route, it gets to the end route and...

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