1. BoredDudesGames

    RMMZ The Kingdom of Crimson Skies (DEMO V1)

    After almost two weeks and over 40 hours of work; I present to you. THE KINGDOM OF CRIMSON SKIES (Demo 1 version 2 HOTFIX 2: I promise it works this time!) A Fantasy Adventure RPG which I am currently working on and will be for the foreseeable future. There are probably some bugs I missed or...
  2. Quigon

    Blood Shard - Demo

    The Story   It is a dark time for Tiriya. The DeLancy family, the once prosperous rulers of the land, have fallen to the forces of Valburn, the powerful neighbouring kingdom to the north. Their Lawkeepers run amok, culling the strong allies of the DeLancy's, and establishing complete control...

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