demo avaliable

  1. LordOfPotatos

    RMMV [Demo Playable] Adventurer Academy: Heroes of the New Dawn

    you can play it on your browser/download it for free Here and Here ! Synopsis: Back in the day terrible entities covered the world in death and famine, unmatched by anything the world had to offer. That was, of course, until a group of legendary adventurers decided to finally put an end to...
  2. TheRealTron

    RMMV Our Dying World (demo)

    Our Dying World is a story-driven RPG made using the RPG Maker software. Follow Max and his friend Ryker as they try to grow in strength by setting off from their home village to become adventurers! Dark times however are just up ahead, find out why magic is slowly vanishing from Elorant and see...
  3. Indrah

    Lorelai, Queen

    A World of RMVX project What is World of RMVX? Click here to find out. Story Characters Screenshots Demo: Click here to download! Some notes: -The demo is about 30-45 (more or less) minutes long, encompassing the whole prologue. -The text has a skip function (by pressing shift) so be...

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