1. Felix Trapper

    Interested in purchasing MZ but only if I can deploy to mobile easily...

    Hello everyone, I am a bit concerned that my initial attempts at searching for this answer were only met with one (older) thread that contained a very long and complicated method, through the use of various 3rd party apps, to deploy an MZ game to mobile. So I will ask again, and hope there is...
  2. ts50

    Deploying to MacOS

    Hi. My question is simple. I can deploy a game in VX Ace to Windows, but I dont see an option for Mac. How would I deploy it to Mac?is it possible?
  3. captainette777

    Audio issues after redownloading game.

    So, let me explain myself. I'm running Rpg Maker MV. I uploaded a dropbox ZIP demo of my game after deploying it for Windows. I disabled encryption for audio and images, then I had the unused files removed. Several days later, I had to go purging my PC of old files, and I accidently deleted...
  4. Deploying RMMV Game but folder always ends up empty, PLEASE HELP!!!

    I have been trying to deploy my game for some friends to test, but every time I go to deploy it and put it in a specific folder, the folder ends up being empty. I am just deploying to Windows. The deployment will be successfully and I receive the success message, but the folder is empty each...
  5. Tuomo L

    How to deployMV's Mac version to Steam?

    Seriously, this is driving me bonkers. Either it crashes or I get only this. I've been spending so long trying to search for tutorials or guidies but find no answers anywhere and no instructions. Am I really the first person to try and use deployed Mac version on Steam? What sort of...
  6. hendryhu

    Android build failed.

    I got this error when I was doing the final step. Checking manifest file Checking system requirements...failed The 'android' binary could not be found. Check your SDK installation and your PATH environment variable. I figured my environment variables are not correct, so I double checked but it...
  7. motta

    Deployment Error

    So, apparently a lot of people are getting this same error, and i'm not sure if anyone solved it already, but can anybody help me? When i try to build the apk i get the following error: "Command "C:\Android\tools\android.bat update lib-project --path...
  8. Velare92

    Deployment to webbrowsers and mac fails

    Hello there, since a few days, after starting to deploy my games to Mac and Webbrowsers, I'm encounting some problems. First of all, the Mac Version: If I'm trying to deploy the Mac version and send it to someone to test it, I always fails to start the game. "The application "Game" can't be...
  9. Verdelite

    MOGHunter's Picture Gallery and Encryption

    Hello, I've run into the following issue when using MOG Hunter's Picture Gallery Plugin: If I deploy my project using RMMV's image encryption, the gallery can no longer be accessed. Instead of opening what should be the gallery screen, I am stuck with a "Now loading" message. The plugin works...
  10. João Paulo Paschoal

    Generate APK from Deployed MV Game

    Hi everyone, After spending two days in a row trying to generate an Android .apk from my mv game project I came here to beg some help! :kaocry: Anyone knows a method that is still working as of nowadays? The official tutorial using crosswalk project (written in 2015) seems not to work anymore...
  11. thenerdmansion

    IPhone export

    Hello fellow rpg makers. So I have a fully finished and released game on the Android market and on my website for PC version but I don't have a Mac for exporting to iPhone and in the rpg maker help tab under deployment all the instructions given are instructions for exporting using a Mac as my...
  12. QuestMajor

    RPG Maker MV to Android Export Tool

    RPG MAKER MV to ANDROID EXPORT TOOL Description Although there are lots of Tutorials on how to export games from Android/IOS platform, several people are having a hard time deploying games to mobile platforms. RPG MV to Android Export Tool is designed to provide a User-Interface of deploying...
  13. Web Deploy Save Games

    When I deploy my game for web and host it somewhere, is there a mechanism to determine if a different user is pulling up the site? I ask because I'm curious if saved games work for different users when the game is hosted online. If I hop on and save my game, would anyone else going to that URL...
  14. jadedthoughts

    Game is damaged and can't be opened!

    I have successfully deployed our demo for Windows without any real issues. I do wish that we could export the game and have unused files removed, or encrypt our files, however apparently we are running into issues with this working with additional directories and assets that are required by...
  15. Game in Android black screen and crash after 20 min play

    Hello. We have a long game, but not loaded at all in maps of objects. My friend in Moto G played the intro and crashed after 2 min. I play in S7 Edge and crash after 20 min aprox. First music continues, and sound effects, but black screen. Seconds after, app Crash. I think is about a...
  16. Wavelength

    Your Experience with Mobile Deployment

    I've started designing a game in MV that I feel would play best on mobile devices, but before I go too far down that road, I wanted to make sure that Mobile is actually a sound choice for deployment.  I've seen lots of topics posted about problems individuals have had, which has me worried, but...

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