1. Vis_Mage

    Animation Lag on Mobile

    Hey there, A quick question, to those whom have deployed games on Mobile (Android in particular, in my case), have you been able to find a way to deal with the heavy lag spike that comes while using animations in battle? I'm using a decently powerful phone (Samsung Galaxy A71, which has 8gb...
  2. Web Deployment works great on Chrome/Opera but not Firefox

    Says "Your browser does not allow to read local files." The files are on a vps (Ubuntu/Nginx) and work fine on all other browsers I've tried and on different devices. Is it because my website is http and not https? The files are just sitting in the www dir with no wrapper or anything.
  3. KrimsonKatt

    How do you easily see what assets are used in your project?

    So in my project I have a bunch of assets that I think I'm not using. However, I'm afraid I actually AM using some of the assets I would delete, which would cause my game to crash. Now I know that in later version of MV there is a feature that supposedly strips down your project to only use the...
  4. MajinSonic

    RMMV RPGMakerMV Plugin doesn't work after deployment

    Hello everyone! Yesterday, we depolyed our project for testing purposes, as we have already noticed that the projects like to behave differently than in the test game and, for example, some plugins simply no longer work. Now we come to a problem that we find really exciting and unfortunately...
  5. TijerinArt

    Deployment a VN for Android

    I had a problem, when creating the android package in VNM it creates a folder without "hooks, bode or platforms" so I can't work with Android stoudio nor can I create APK files, does anyone know what I'm doing wrong? There is only a tutorial on the internet and the official instructions of the...
  6. RMMZ Deployment

    Greetings team, I'm relatively new-ish to RMMV/RMMZ and I'm not sure how to get my game to deploy to the web. I'll be back for MacOS, but for now I want to keep it simple. I've made an account on both NewGround and Itch trying to upload my game to their servers but I'm unsuccessful. The index...
  7. ios and Android release?

    Sorry if this flew over my head. I just clicked deployment and realized that the option for deployment for Android or ios is no longer there? Where are those options now? They wouldn't have removed them in this apparent "upgrade" right? Any help is greatly appreciated...
  8. Deployed game not running after download

    Hi guys! I've been trying to figure this out all night to no avail. Basically I finished my game earlier today and wanted to send it to some friends to test. I was able to get through the whole thing in playtest mode. I zipped the file and uploaded it to google drive. When my friends downloaded...
  9. Oatilis

    Deployed game doesn't run for users with Unicode paths (non-English folders)

    This came up during beta testing. A player was testing the game, which didn't load. A blank (white) window started up, but nothing loaded whatsoever, no main menu, nothing. Turns up the game simply didn't run because the folder path had Unicode folder names in it (in Hebrew). When the player...
  10. 0zuma

    Blue Shroud MV - A Deployment Protection Tool

    Introduction I'm currently remaking this tool. It will release soon :LZSsmile:
  11. MusicalSamurai

    Deployment Protection in RPGMV

    I have two concerns with RPGMV... I'll first mention the least annoying and then move on to my most pressing issue. 1. RPGMV Deployment with 'Exclude Unused Files" ticked will completely ignore Images, Music & Sounds that have been referred to Programmatically (such as a custom plugin) - This...
  12. Deployment and Playtest Issue, Maybe Related

    Hi friends, First of all, I'm a full-blown noob all around (I'm not a programmer in any sense, I'm new to RPG Maker, this is my first forum post, and, while I've studied and played games for my whole life, this is my first game), so I apologize if this is in the wrong place or I say something...
  13. UnderYourCloset

    More issues with deployment, missing files?

    Basically I tried deploying my game to Mac and Windows. The Mac one won't load some plugins, and the .exe file won't open at all. I didn't exclude unused files and I also tried to make sure everything is updated. I even followed the instructions in this post here for updating a project...
  14. jkweath

    Can performance for MV games on Android be improved?

    I'm not really sure if this is the best board to post this on, so if a mod wants to move this, please do. I am wondering if it is possible to improve the performance of MV games on Android via code/a plugin. I'm aware of and already use Kodera's optimization plugin as well as many minor...
  15. HTML5 deployment does not work (WIN/MAC works fine)

    Hi All, So after finally finishing our game, we of course ran into an issue with the deployment. The game runs fine when playtesting from RPG Maker, as well as the deployed versions for WIN/MAC. When deploying in HTML5 for browser however, it instantly gets: TypeError Cannot read property...
  16. FeliPereira97

    Problems with Android deployment & plugins

    Hi, sorry if in wrong category, thought this one fits. I have a project that works perfectly fine on PC, but when I try it on mobile (for which I'm specifically building it), many bugs occur. Some changes I've made won't appear, the first spash screen is the original one, not the one I've...
  17. RyanBram

    Tips for Embedding Your Game to Your Website like Youtube Video

    How to Embed Your Game like Youtube Screenshot This tips was written when I was trying to put my translated game SRPG_Engine, online. Hello all. As we all know, RPG Maker MV is HTML5 based, therefore it can be played on any platform that supports HTML5. However, even though it can be played...
  18. Charleycat44

    Deploying the Game to other pc types

    (I may not be posting this in the right place, if need be, feel free to move it to the correct place.) Okay, so. I am wanting to deploy my game but I can't seem to do something. I don't know if its possible or not but can I deploy it to a pc type other than my own, eg I'm using a mac, I would...
  19. FlatDragon

    Deployment to PS4 - Is it possible?

    First and foremost - I apologize if this wasn't the correct category for this specific question. Looking through the front page of the forums I couldn't seem to find a better location, so I chose this one. Sorry if I missed something in that regard. Now for the main topic - I'm a PS4 gamer...
  20. Dungeonmind

    Rpg maker MV fresh project plays at 30 fps on iOS

    Greetings. :) I have recently bought a Mac so that I could export for Macintosh computers and iPhone. I went through the instructions in the programs documentation carefully as instructed and I successfully built the game for my iPhone 8 plus. This phone is more than capable to play an rpg...

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