1. residntevl

    Adding Depth to your Action Sequences

    This Guide goes over topics that will help you add depth to your Action Sequences. Most RPG Maker developers load up their projects with the best available plugins available to make a great game. As a developer yourself you will be told by other developers (some more experienced, some less)...
  2. lunaluna

    Event flying over star passaged tiles

    Hi all, I'm having a problem finding how to make my owl fly correctly over the trees. When it goes around the map, the tiles marked with star passage option end up on top of the owl. I put the option Above Character thinking it might help, but it didn't. I couldn't find any depth option for my...
  3. hmind

    Pseudo Depth

    When in Battle, depth is already simulated by overlapping. the actors and enemies with a higher y value (lower on screen) are overlapping the ones with lower y values. this is updated every frame i guess. so to add more depth to it, there should be a plugin that scales battlers and actors down...
  4. Zalerinian

    Coping with the loss of Z-indexes in MV

    Z-indexes Z-indexes in RPG Maker MV is vastly different from those in any maker before it. In fact, there technically isn’t a Z index. Object height in MV is based on when the object was added to the drawing layer. In the past, creating a sprite and giving it a bitmap was enough to make it...
  5. hian

    The depth of protagonists VS antagonists

    So lately I've been thinking a lot, and breaking down/analysing narratives, and one thing that has struck me is how under-developed heroic characters often are comparatively to the villains. Before you object, just hear me out here - Is it not the case, with the exception of...
  6. Dacuna

    Diagonal Movement and In-Depth Maps Glitch

    Hello, I've been using FenixFyreX's In-Depth Maps and Moghunter's Simple Diagonal Movement for my game, but when I use both of them, the player can be seen walking diagonally through solid blocks. It is seen in the attached image. I'm not sure how hard it is to fix this, but I'd appreciate any...

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