1. ScorchedGround

    Keywords for approximating damage in skill descriptions

    So for my skill descriptions, I want to give the player an approximation of how powerful a skill is going to be. And for the sake of consistency, I want to have fixed "keywords" for certain damage thresholds. The core line usually goes something like this: "[...] deals moderate damage [...]"...
  2. HiroDev-kinda-

    RMMV I'm having difficulties with Description box being too small, can someone help me?

    So I'm a new user here, I know nothing about this program, and am currently learning bit by bit. So please bear with me. I wanted to tell a story and I wanted to deliver some small parts of that story using the description of skills and items. The thing is, the description box is just too small...
  3. Milennin

    Bug [Bug] Variable in Skill description not updating

    I came across this one, as I was testing out a new Skill. I have a variable displayed in my Skill description, and when the variable's value changes from one turn to the other, the Skill description still displays the old value. It'll only update once I first move over to another skill and then...
  4. Black Pagan

    Gear Description in your Games

    How do you guys Label the Gear Description in your Games ? I have been thinking about doing this many different ways. Here are 3 different ways I could think of labeling Gear in my Game : Only Stats : Only Desc : Desc + Stats :
  5. Extended Skill description IN BATTLE.

    Hello, friends! I was wondering if anyone could help me on this. I hope my request it is not too hard to implement. Basically, I need a way to show an extended description of a skill in battle. It can be done the way you prefer, for example like, pressing a certain button and making a new...
  6. kyonides

    KItemDesc VX

    KItemDesc VX Zilsel Version version 1.0.2 by Kyonides Arkanthes Introduction This scriptlet just pretends to implement zlsl's need of a different item description menu by adding an extra window to display an icon or picture plus the hero's comment. You may also want to activate a global...
  7. kyonides

    KItemDesc XP

    KItemDesc XP Zilsel Version version 1.0.2 by Kyonides Arkanthes Introduction This scriptlet just pretends to implement zlsl's need of a different item description menu by adding an extra window to display an icon or picture plus the hero's comment. You may also want to activate a global...
  8. ovate

    maru 12 scripts (compilation)

    Animate state Display state icons based on order. (frame by frame) Preview Installation Paste this script above Main. Script __________ Actor stats window Changes the actor window display with stats when using...
  9. Variable Update in Skill Description Issue

    So I'm eventing my own skill level up system via common events and what not. It works fine but ooooone little issue. I have it to where in the skill's description, it displays \v[1] to be the variable to showcase how many you need to level up the skill. Problem is, despite the skill adding to...
  10. Lartu

    Earthbound-like Battle Log

    Hi there! I've been looking all around for a way to display my battle log in the same way Mother games do. That is, a text-box that sits on the top part of the screen and describes what's going on in the battle, much like a window called with a common event, but for the battle log. I don't...
  11. IkutsukiYuri

    Is there any way to resize the description bar and skill bar?

    ...It's taking up a lot of space And if it's impossible, at least tell me that deleting the description bar is possible at least :/ I'm using MogHunter's battle hud by the way... Thank you ;e;
  12. I want to show Item Description in Szyu's Crafting System.

    Okay. I started with Szyu's crafting system, which works perfectly, except for 2 problems: the Play sound effect function is not working, I don't know why; I haven't messed with the sound effects at all and it should be calling from the original directory. But oh well. The main problem I'm...
  13. Periods at the end of skill/item descriptions?

    When I write a skill description, I usually don't end it with a period. But I can't tell, is that improper or weird? What do you guys usually do?
  14. BigSharkZ

    Choice Help Window with Large Choices compatibility?

    Hi, I was wondering if it would be possible to have some sort of patch to have these two plugins working properly together? Unless I'm doing something wrong, it seems like DreamX's plugin only supports text for the first 6 choices. I have a menu with 18 choices and when I go past the 6th option...
  15. Morpheus

    Display formula in description?

    I googled for it and nothing came up, but... Say I wanted to display how much damage a spell would do by using a formula in the description. So it would look like "Does 120 damage." But to get 120, say its the formula "100 + A.mat" and all I would have to do is type something like "Does...
  16. Morpheus

    Conditional check in item description?

    Is there a way or a script I could run inside an item description? I.E. (Is player level 3? Then description says "Requires level 3" else *blank*) Not sure how I would accomplish this.
  17. Jomy10

    Enhanced Weapon, Armor & Items Details

    Hey fellow RPG makers, I'm making a game, but I want to have a more detailed weapon, armor and items description. I don't want them to be on a separate tab in the menu, just in the "Item" tab. In the Item tab if you hover over the items, it will display it's description, for weapons and...
  18. Passingbyposts

    Variable As Descriptions

    Hi I'm trying to make a height system in my game where in the player grows taller throughout the game and a trust system I've got the sprite to change based on the variable but i'd like to be able to have this in the description on the personal page Does anyone know how I could get that...
  19. Rink27

    Updating Skill/Item Description

    Hello. Just wondering if this is possible: Skill's formula: ( 50 + user atk ) * variable Skill's description: "Fire Damage: X" where X is the result of the formula. This would vary throughout the game depending on the user and variable. Is it possible to obtain the current user's stats...
  20. OneByte_

    Item Description Error in Battle

    So... I was testing my first battle and opened the item list. It all worked fine, except for the item descriptions, which looked like this: #<RPG::Item:0x951f1b8> Another interesting thing is that this value changes everytime I restart the game. The items are set up like they should be. I...

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