1. NPC

    Letting the player control the pace of the narrative...

    Hi all, While I was working on the script for my upcoming game (unapologetic plug; link in my signature), I came across an interesting problem which I think would make for good discussion: Is there any way to let the player move the narrative forward on their own terms while also making sure...
  2. RavenBlueIndigo

    Raven's Aviary of Art

    Heya, guys! Raven here! I do a fair bit of Pixel Art and I've made this topic to share my work with y'all~ I typically work with minimal colors. I started with black and white and I've since started dabbling with mixing in more colors, but I rarely dabble with more than two colors. It is an...
  3. Tirian

    Designing a combat system: Where do you start?

    I have a general idea of what my combat system would be, but everytime I try to write it down I get stuck: I don't know where to start. Is there a particular approach to building a combat system, are there any tools that could help me?
  4. Sarah79

    Weapons as "Incomparables".

    So, I have been working on my game for about a month now, and one of the ideas I had in mind since the beginning was to provide better character customization and realism at the same time. The way I have decided to do this was through "weapons as incomparables". What I mean by this, is that...
  5. (HELP) (ASK) How to Make VX/VXace Characters become Bigger ?

    Hey everyone, Anyone know how to make VX/VXace characters become bigger ? like XP style or better ? anyone can give tutorial or some tips&tricks or something else ? Thank you, Ronyunderen
  6. Miseryfactory77

    Spritesheet help

    Hi Everyone I was not sure where to ask this question but I was currently getting into gimp to create and edit resources etc. So anyways because of a certain plugin that I have installed the spritesheets had to be changed. as you can see from & They are 2 different spritesheets now I am...
  7. wariolandgoldpiramid

    FREE REQUEST Need dungeon puzzle designers

    I'm working on a puzzle game called Alex In Puzzleland. The game will feature 9 levels filled with various puzzles. I think the best way to describe the game is "Zelda without the fighting". And while I'm sure I can event all the puzzles myself, my problem is simply designing the puzzles, and...
  8. Pine Towers

    Hex to Squares! (and vice-versa!)

    Hello there, guys (and gals). I really want to adapt some old hex maps to my game, since I find them more organic than squares for an overworld. Example: I'm no artist (or mathematician) to know the best way to adapt this to squares. I know I could just shift one row to square-fy it, but I...
  9. Kentang_Terbang

    Help ! about parallax mapping

    Guys out there.. do you have any explanation with this case ? sorry for my bad english..  btw lets get to the case.. I'm using "TDDP_BindPicturesToMap" plugin for parallaxMapping and it works well like this..   and the event setting goes like this.. But when I created a new map...
  10. Damaris

    How important is a title screen... really?

    So, I'll start by saying that user interface graphics are one of my strongest skills. I have the ability to make a mind-blowing animated title. But after some consideration, I've been thinking about removing the title screen all together - a simple a "Press X to continue/start" on a black screen...
  11. Damaris

    JRPG, Character Balance Sheet Concept

    Concept Sheet:   So I'm about to start digging into the mechanical development of characters in my game, and started thinking about how to balance them. I created the above chart in an attempt to make it clear to myself how the balancing in my game (Specifically between...
  12. Elizabeth17

    Non-Relaible Magic.

    Okay. Gonna try to keep this broad but my example is very precise but my question isn't about my example exactly,  but how a gamer would react to the core idea. Which is a magic system that is not 100% fixed or reliable. In this case. My MC is a water magician and she pulls water  in to cast...
  13. Zackleaynts

    Teach me. How to start learning to become a Jack-of-all-trades in RPG Making?

    Hello, everyone. Please guide me. Okay, straight to the point. I've decided to go back to game making. Using RPG Maker. Even though this is at the moment a hobby and a past time taking a small portion of my free time, I hope to turn it into a life-long career someday. I have no helper at the...
  14. Titanhex

    [THex] Game Design Workshop: Part 2 - Level Design

    Hello Game Design pupils. Today we're heading to the next leg of our journey. Level Design. A lot of people jump right into mapping when it comes to RPG Maker. This isn't always a bad thing, and people can create a long series of great maps with little design pre-planning. But the level...
  15. Titanhex

    [THex] Game Design Workshop: Part 1 - Introduction

    Hey guys, it's me, multidisciplinary Game Developer Titanhex. Incase you don't know; I write scripts, create art, and design game mechanics. In this instance, I want to talk about the much more abstract and hard to capture Game Design. I'll begin by talking about the big...
  16. consolcwby

    Need Help With Puzzle Design Ideas

    (I hope I am placing this in the correct forum. If not, I am sorry and please feel free to correct me!) Hi everybody! I'm new to this site and RMMV, but not programming. I am AWFUL coming up with ideas for puzzles and I was hoping if people here could weigh in on some general ideas. It might...
  17. MysteryCorgi

    Transferring Skillset from VNs to RPGs

    Greetings! I am a visual novel developer. I've done a good number of different tasks to help others create their VNs. When it comes to creating visual novels, I like to think of myself as a jack of all trades, master of none. I specialize in Linguistics, Programming, and Design. I usually...
  18. Arithmetician

    Job System Theory, Design, and Mechanics

    Job systems  - wherein the characters have the ability to assume a number of different class roles throughout the game, and frequently can learn abilities that they can use while in other classes.  Final Fantasy provides some of the quintessential examples, but similar systems appear in many...
  19. Dr. Delibird

    To thief or not to thief, that is the question...

    Pretty much the title. I have honestly yet to find a game that includes a thief/steal skill that doesn't result in one of 3 things: 1) Bosses have either a pool of stealables, of which only one can be stolen and the other just ends up not existing, or they are very stingy with letting you...
  20. Doktor_Q

    How do you start development?

    Once you have your idea, how do you start making the actual game? I've written my story, more or less, I've got a general idea of the mechanics, and I've spent some time amassing and assembling plugins to get the systems into the general shape of what I want, but now that I'm staring at the...

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