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  1. wintersrain

    TRADE Rainbow Dawn: Looking for a Playtester!

    Hello, my name is Jake, and I've been working on my game, Rainbow Dawn for a little over a year now. Engine: RPG Maker MV. Synopsis: One day, you find yourself trapped in a dream state. You can't remember anything about yourself, where you came from, and why you've been asleep for so long...
  2. DestinyBattle

    FREE Project Destiny Battle

    Hello. My name is Jason, and it has been my dream to make a JRPG similar to Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest, Phantasy Star, called Destiny Battle. -Sypnosis of the Game- The game is about an 18 year old girl, called Haruka, who loses her parents in a bloody war. Her brother, Takashi, has gone...

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Hello, my nickname is Rigomor, but I am also known as Mopsikus. I work on RPG Maker games, and are currently working on a game called Peony of War.
If the world treats you like an enemy... Then the world must be your enemy...
What started as 1 RPG in development on the Nintendo DS, turned into 4 RPGs in development (1 on VX and 3 on VX Ace). Wish me luck.

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