designing question

  1. Quintus

    A way to make events trigger other events?

    Usually I would use a switch or a variable controlled in one event to do something to another event with autorun ore parallel events, but I'm wondering if there's a way to do it through proximity or events. The scene I'm trying to make is you have to sneak around and wait for a sceurise guard...
  2. How do you start a game?

    What i mean by the title is this: When you begin a game, after you're certain of the basic themes and the gist of the plot of the game, do you begin immediately implementing the game mechanics such as the battle and/or crafting systems? Do you make all of your maps first before adding events and...
  3. Not-Star

    Designing Question

    I was working on a game that I've been putting a lot of effort into. I've ran into a problem and a question that may make or break the system from my JRPG I have two mechanics I added to the current project: The ability to change your class while on the field but, not while in battle. You can...

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