1. Hamsterjelly24

    Gamepad question

    Hello, I'm creating a game with the VX ace engine right now and want to put up a different tutorial for when the player has a controller connected and when they don't (two different tutorials meant for keyboard users and controller users). So I want to ask if it is possible to set up the...
  2. Skytor

    Check if player has learnt a certain type of skill

    I'm looking for a way to test if the player has learnt a certain type of skill, regardless of which skill it actually is, i don't mind using a plugin or script but would rather not. Let's say there are three fire skill: Fireball, Firestorm, and inferno. There is a gate of fire that will only...
  3. ImAcastor

    detect gamepad

    Hey ! I want to detect if a gamepad is connected to the computer to make different message on the tutorial of my game, if a gamepad is connected a message will tell you "press A to interact" but if there is not gamepad connected, a message will tell you "press ENTER to interact" but I don't know...
  4. DaedraTalos

    Player VS Event position plugin

    Player VS Event position plugin This plugin compares the position of the player and an event. Although it's very simple, it's also extremely useful! Imagine you want to check if the player is on the left of an event. How would you do that in RMMV? Unless you use an extremely complicated...
  5. Event Radius Check

    Event Radius Check v1.0 Dolarmak Introduction This plugin will allow you to have events detect one another. Features Set custom event name detectionSet radius of detectionSet which Self Switch detection activates How to Use Set the Self Switch you want to active in the Plugin Manager.Use the...
  6. Marioman13

    Detecting enemy in front of player.

    I'm wondering if there is a way to detect if an event is in front of the player, and if that requirement is met, then continue. Basically, a conditional branch.
  7. willer111

    Event's Detecting Player Position

    Hey I am having trouble with my RPG... I made a boss Battle on a 1x7 platform where you are supposed to dodge fire coming up from the ground. The events are placed so that the player always can go through them(through = ON). Then if the switch 'Boss Attack#1' is on, the fire will charge for...

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