1. Amorfatigue

    hello everyone, i am new to the community

    Hi everyone, my name is Amor Fatigue, I am from Berlin and i am working on a detective game. the story outline is pretty clear, although not filled with all required scenes and context yet. i want to build a prototype in rpg maker for the first chapters and see how to move on from there. it is...
  2. Dwesper

    What would be a good detective game?

    Hi, I am making a detective game and I want to hear about your opinions on what would be cool to add in a Detective Game on RPG Maker.
  3. LeetMusic

    RMMV Murder Is Game Over

    Murder Is Game Over Murder Is Game Over is a pixel art point-and-click murder mystery whodunit involving the untimely death of a famous game designer. You and your trusty companion, Cleo, are on the case! A fabulously wealthy game designer is found dead outside his castle in rural Vermont...
  4. Norpoleon_IIme

    RM2k/3 Team JethKo - Knee Deep

    Team JethKo - Knee Deep is a detective adventure with role-playing elements & turn-based combat. What started as a small project turned into a huge thing that took almost a year of work. [: In this game I put ideas into action that have accompanied me since my teenage years & have now become...
  5. kyonides

    KInquire XP

    KInquire XP v1.2.0 by Kyonides Arkanthes Introduction Detective: "What have you been doing as of late? I've been investigating some weird events that have been taking place in a small place called Kustom Town as of late. Have you got any piece of valuable information, sir? A contact, the...
  6. Finnuval

    RMMZ Detective game - cases

    So since I lost most of my original project and am currently rebuilding everything I was wondering what do you guys think would make good/interesting cases in a detective game? Things I already got : - missing/stolen jewelry - murder (a plenty lol) - runaway/kidnapped child - missing pet Also...
  7. Finnuval

    RMMZ M - a Detective Game

    After losing progress on this game multiple times it was on the backburner for a bit however I am happy to announce that M is back and doing better then ever!!! Teaming up with @spillycat we have formed 2Tales Studio and started rebuilding M from the ground up at an incredible pace. With our...
  8. SebGrinke

    RMVXA Cult Detectives

    Experience a unique creative vision inspired by True Detective, Forbrydelsen (The Killing), Mindhunter and Dragon Quest, and six years in the making: CULT DETECTIVES The year is 1996. Someone, or something, is killing women and animals and hanging them from ancient trees deep in the black...
  9. PichuDX

    RMMV The Adora Project: Investigation Demo [Visual Novel / Thriller]

  10. Diarist

    RMVXA Route 13 - A Unova Tale (Pokemon themed RPG)

    I'm fully expecting to get blown the F out but I suppose its time to pitch this and see how interested some folks would be. Whether its just general intrigue or wanting to help if they can. For the record no, this is not a typical Pokemon game. It takes place in the universe. That's all. Please...
  11. RishigangiX

    RMMV Eva Reynes: Volume I

    She was one of the best in her line of work. She had it all - the money, the fame, the respect of her peers and the fear in the eyes of her enemies. But sometimes all it takes is one hit from the ***** called life to knock you off your feet. Following the tragedy of the RM-8 incident, Eva Reynes...
  12. megumi014

    RMMV Laze, Detective

    : Title: Laze, Detective. Author: Baligabalaga (aka megumi014, I don't know how to change my user name :kaoswt2:) Rating: PG13 (mild swearing, very very bad puns). Genre: Adventure/Visual Novel, Mistery, Detective. Unbetaed. Current project for the One Map Challenge. It's supposed to be a...
  13. leenat40


    This version of "2: Vampyrus" is cancelled and will no longer represent the reworked "2 Vampyrus" in any way apart from the world and the characters. "It's never just black and white." ""It is the light of our Lord that will guide us to safety and happiness" Yet that light never came. It...
  14. Does anyone knows any good detective games made on RPG maker?

    Does anyone knows any good detective games made on RPG maker?
  15. captainette777

    (MV)Mystery game that randomizes the suspect one every playthrough?

    I'm not sure whether this belongs here or on Maker Specific, so I hope I'm not bothering anybody by asking-- I have a game where you solve a murder by getting info from random people inside a room and arresting the culprit. I'm wondering if there was a way to randomize the culprit every game.I...
  16. FREE REQUEST (MV) Recruiting a Tileset artist to join our team!

    Hello wonderful people! :kaohi:I'm here in search for a tileset artist who will be willing to help my team in creating a game. This game, while still in it's early stages, goes by the name "Project Spirit Medium", and we thought that'd it'd be better before we fully make our maps to firstly find...
  17. tammie

    RMVXA Find the Arsonist

    This is one of my games. Made for the one map game challenge. VERY IMPORTANT NOTE: Do not post in this thread the person who is guilty of the crime in this game. DO NOT. Discovering the identity of the criminal is for players to solve, so don't say who did it. Please. Synopsis: A large...
  18. PersuaderGames

    RMMV Detective Trapu Episode 1 - Suicide Downtown v0.9

    PersuaderGames present Introduction Paris, present time. After a tough night roaming the streets of Paris, our hero gets a call. A suicide in the city center, fancy area. Business as usual. But is it really just a suicide? Dive into the city of lights, find the clues and solve the case...
  19. Damage Control

    RMMV The Mystery in the Campus - The Assassin (School Mystery RPG Game)

    The teaser trailer of The Mystery in the Campus - The Assassin The Mystery in the Campus - The Assassin The Second Segment of the MTC Series and First Thread in RPG Maker Forums Created by LeonardPlaysMC New Update: Version 1F Contains: -Bugs fixed in few levels. -Bonus scenes are implemented...
  20. Resource pack help!

    Hey guys, i have an idea for a detective game in our time. I wonder what kind of resource pack is best for a game in out time. With roads and buildings as we see them in our daily life. -Reach

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