1. thedeanreynolds

    RMMV THRONE | Dark Fantasy Soulslike RPG

    STORY: To the residents of Trople Isle, it would not be evident the end is nigh. The moon rises in the East and falls in the West, as it always has. After all, these are cosmic matters; he consumes systematically and indiscriminately. Far beneath the fields where citizens work themselves to the...
  2. Touchfuzzy

    Skyforge, Part One, Concept and Sketches

    Rookard has decided to take some time to show off concept art and talk about his process in developing his upcoming Skyforge Battlepack. Read about it and check out the concept art here!

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redrawing one of three my VNM protags
I'm making my game in both English and Portuguese. I wonder if I should add Spanish too? :v
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So looks like the last Star Wars movie sucked. We feared George would kill his own legacy after Episode 1. But look like he handed off to others to put it out of its misery. Does that count as assisted suicide?
Brother made thumbnails for my Lets Plays. He's a swood dude.

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