1. swag_see_saw

    Branding your game

    Hello, RPG developers. What are the elements for making a brand in the gaming industry? How do you make your game a brand?
  2. Help me show how big the gaming community is

    Hello, I would first like to thank you for taking the time to read my post. Im currently working on a project game using rpg maker mv and have managed to get a company interested in my idea. I must create a proposal document and i need a little bit of help gathering data on the audience reach...
  3. VitaliaDi

    Making RPG Maker Games Not Look Like RPG Maker Games

    Making RPG Maker Games Not Look Like RPG Maker Games I was wondering who has experience with this or if rpg maker game devs and players have strong opinions on this. I know some of the attraction of rpg maker games is the typical charming retro look and the more simple approach to game...
  4. Vulnerability Libpng library Reject (Google Play Developer)

    I'm trying to upload my APK in Google Play but got reject with this message "Vulnerability APK Version(s) Libpng library The vulnerabilities were fixed in libpng v1.0.66, v.1.2.56, v.1.4.19, v1.5.26 or higher. You can find more information about how resolve the issue in this Google Help Center...
  5. How do i get started with visual armor change?

    The idea i have in mind, is to make it so that when the player equips an outfit, the would change the appearance on the in game character as well as the images like Face, Character and SV Character... I just dont have a clue on where to start with this one lol so any help is much appreciated!
  6. ts50

    Need a developer logo :)

    Hello. I want someone to make me a logo with my name on it, as well as some small character art. This will be free. You will get a free copy of any commercial games I may release. So here is what it should look like. My name (Thomas Smith) should be at the bottom, with sci-fi styled text. What...
  7. ts50

    Developer rank?

    How would you get this specific rank badge/banner thing, instead of Veteran?
  8. idillicah

    Making a game with RMMV - Developer Diary, Part 1

    Hey guys and gals! I hope this is allowed here. I'm making a game with RMMV that I'll be publishing hopefully in 2018. As I write for a couple of gaming-related publications, I've decided to write a developer diary while making the game. You can now read the first entry into the series here...
  9. Levi Hilton

    All of my Apps work fine on IOS, but I can't get an APK what am I doing wrong???

    I have been working on this for weeks, and I have read some threads on here, but I still have a problem. I can get an apk file using the manual method, but then it asks me to install a crosswalk companion app in order for it to work. After downloading it, my game works fine. But how do I make it...
  10. Release Game For IOS (Iphone) = App Store

    I haven't been able to find any links or specific help on the forum that addresses ISO release and selling the game on the app store. I know that in order to release on the app store, one must have an Apple Developer account which is $100 a year which is reasonable for if the game sells after...
  11. Um.. hi!

    Um hi! I've been wanting to use rpg maker mv and my friend in real life said he would help me but keeps postponing me and I've been using it but not really using it... Can anyone like make a team with me so we can actually get something done and talk about the game? Skype: Chotto Baka/lamosgaming
  12. jaketazmily

    New Discord Group o.o

    Hello! I am Jake! I just got into RPG Maker recently, and I made a discord! I though it would be fun if we could all develop our games, share our games, and give ideas of the games we are making.  :D . Plus, Not to trigger anyone, but I mainly use XP. But I have VX Ace, I Don't have 2003, VX, or...
  13. BitBoyB

    Hi Everyone!

    Hi everyone, thought I might introduce myself. My name is Assad, I am a games developer and audio designer. I am currently working for an indie studio (Arrogant Pixel) and as a signed Warner Chappell Musician. I have been using RPG Maker since I was small. Thought I might finally join this...
  14. lvkennelly

    Help with "Type Error - undefined is not a function"

    Hi, please could someone help me on this as it's been baffling me for hours? I took out ALL my other plugins to make sure it wasn't a conflicting plugin error but I still got this error for this a custom menu plugin with just those ones in there  :( I also tried these plugins on an entirely new...
  15. KillerGin

    Killer Gin - download the latest demo!

    Game Features: Multiplatform Release The game will be commercially available for PC, MAC, Android, and Iphone, mid 2016! Gamepad/mouse/touch screen game Original Story Story currently being developed as a series of novels. Compliments the novel in many different ways...
  16. Sigmma

    I look for a JavaScript Developer - paid Scripts ABS for MV

    Hello, I'm not new to RPG Maker, but I stopped since the release of RM XP was launched. I consider myself an average programmer, or not at all. But in the end, I came back with a great project (Big one), soon I'll document everything and create a page intended for it and for sure I will need...
  17. D-Skyline

    D-Skyline - Extended Window Color Palette v1.0

    Drake Skyline presents: Extended Window Color Palette Build v1.0 Original Day - 08.11.2015 Last Updated - ??.??.???? Update Log: [NR] - Non-Release to Public / [PR] - Released to Public v1.0[PR] - Initial Release   Description: Was 32 colors for your windows not enough? How does about...
  18. Foron

    Opinions on most recent indies games and possibly their documentaries.

    I personally think most indies aren't really indie, and are mostly pretty bad. One example is Depression Quest. By the name alone, it's not enjoyable, it's in fact the point. I'm aware that it's supposed to raise awareness for depression, but I don't it's needed. (not to mention it helped...
  19. D-Skyline

    D-Skyline - Missing Material Spider v0.3

    Drake Skyline presents: Missing Material Spider Build v0.3 Original Day - 04.21.2015 Last Updated - 07.12.2015 Update Log: [NR] - Non-Release to Public / [PR] - Released to Public v0.1 [NR] - Testing Build v0.2 [PR] - Initial Release v0.3 [PR] - Code Optimization & Stabilization  ...
  20. defunct-user


    What is your biggest struggle or what blocks you the MOST as a developer? Say it, and maybe, just maybe, as a community, we might be able to help eachother. OR... we might be able to understand eachother more. Maybe you AREN'T alone in how you feel as a developer or with what you struggle...

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