1. Lilly

    RMMV Elemental Light

    Elemental Light Youtube Channel The features of this game from battle system to more. SYNOPSIS Screenshots of the game in development, it could change stay as is or change into something even more amazing. IMAGES/SCREENSHOTS The characters that will make this game soar. CHARACTERS The story...
  2. Error Log text

    Is there a way to have any errors in a MV game write to a text file ? Would love to have something like that available. At least while developing the game.
  3. adinmilo

    Multiple Version Control

    Howdy.  I just wanted to ask if anyone had/has experience with working with more than one person on an RPG maker game? We're a team of 3 and want to make a game but I've been scratching my head at how we're essentially all going away, make an area or mechanic of the game to save time, and come...
  4. AxelNinjaGamer

    Primal requesting feedback

    Welcome RPG fans I'm gonna keep this short and to the point, this game is developing and I would like feedback, suggestions, or just to have people play it. The name of this game is Primal, You will play through three stories and upon completing all of them you will unlock the final story. The...
  5. MiracleMare

    What's your process?

    Well, I'm interested to hear about different developer's creation process. I think it would be interesting to see how different individuals go about developing their games. I would assume there's concept art creation, note jotting, brain storming etc.. then the story writing phase and detailed...

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