1. FaolanBlade

    FREE [Early Access Game] Embers upon Ashes: Skirmish - Looking for Testers, Artists, Creators & Warmongers!

    Hello hello, I am Fao (F-way) (short for Faolán (F-way-lawn))I'm an Irish game dev with a lot of enthusiasm for my projects I've been using RPGM VX since 2016 and RPGM MV since 2018 and have really gotten the hang of simple basics Which is why I'm so happy to finally have a project game that I...
  2. Lumi-Sensei

    What do you do when hitting the wall on your solo project?

    Hi, it's Luminous here. It's already a common issue when we are starting a solo project. We will hit a particular wall (at least it happens often on me) Not like I am losing the passion for continuing my project, but somehow I can't make meaningful progress. It's not once I failed to deliver the...
  3. Lilly

    TRADE Elemental Light - I...really need help.

    Teho!~ I thank you for even clicking on this thread...I'm in quite a pickle..Tilesets are very hard to make... I've tried multiple times over the course of my development time, I'm no good... Here's the original game development thread Elemental Light. Engine: RMMV Synopsis...
  4. RiverbackGames

    Using parallax images over the map tool graphics

    Hi. I'm totally new to RPG Maker, but I have a professional background from other engines. So far I love the simplicity of RPG Maker, but there are just a few minor tweaks that could make the engine shine. Too bad the developer isn't making those changes and we need to do it ourselves.. But at...
  5. Monnettie

    FREE "Sailor Albert’s Sugoi RPG Adventure ^w^" Recruitment!

    He is the one named Sailor Albert~ ~Welcome~ Hello everyone and thank you for coming out here today! After years of wishing, and wanting to make a game about a penguin that loves to cosplay, I've finally got the chance to go for it! However this will be a lot for one person alone, so I've...
  6. Tyvizion

    Need some tips for some things I want in my rpg

    Hey, I am Tyvizion, I am 16 and want to make an rpg, I have NEVER used RPG Maker MV, so here is my list of questions. 1. In a scene at the beginning of my game, I want to have a character reading off a scroll to the main character, then once the character reading is finished, he rolls up the...
  7. NovelBallon79

    How many games should you work on before tackling a huge project?

    I always hear people say to never have a magnum opus be your first project,but I've never understood exactly how many projects (and their own scale) you have to work on before you can get started. I definetly think the scope of your big project effects this (making a simple turn-based battle vs...
  8. tumblingapart_dev

    RMVXA Tumbling Apart

    You can't run from the past. But what if you could change it? In Tumbling Apart you live the story of Isaac, an ex-addict riddled with guilt over the terrible fate that has befallen his sister. When a mysterious power grants him the ability to re-experience their life and former tribulations...
  9. Stem

    Is there an Online Trading System?

    Hello everyone! I am hoping to develop an online game, and to make it entertaining, I have decided to add a trading system. This is obviously very odd to create, however, I have an online game already functioning, I suppose. If there has been a plugin similar to this already created, please...
  10. Chef

    Life, IT and Asperger

    Good evening, Since I was young I showed symptoms of Asperger or PPD-NOS, and the past few weeks it became very clear to me I actually have it. First I didn't want to believe it because it's ruled as a form of autism and I'm pretty damn sure I'm not autistic, so I just ignored any help I could...
  11. LTN Games

    FeniXCLI - Open Source RPG Makr MV Plugin Development Tool

    FeniXCLI - Open source RPG Maker MV plugin development tool FeniXCLI is a lightweight, easy to use RPG Maker MV plugin development CLI that helps you generate and setup entire project with no configuration required, just an easy to follow guided setup. It helps you develop plugins for RPG Maker...
  12. KB

    Plagiarism and Indie Game Development

    So, I purchased a copy of RPG Maker XP to make Pokemon fan games and share them among the Pokemon fan game making community. I was really having fun learning about how Nintendo codes their games, but the Pokemon Essentials wiki got taken down recently, and I've decided that I'm tired of making...
  13. Soryuju

    Controlling Combat Complexity

    "Simple but deep" is a common paradigm of good combat systems in RPGs. We want mechanics which afford players plenty of opportunities to make meaningful decisions, but we don't want to overwhelm them with heaps of different rules to memorize, especially early on. (This applies to the...
  14. Tamsyn548

    Differences in moderation time?

    Hey. I've seen some differences in time that threads are moderated, in two locations. One, the games in development area. These take a long time to be moderated, often at least a day. Two, the script requests. I made a thread there, and it only took 18 minutes to be moderated. Why is there such...
  15. Aphelion

    New and eager. Is RPGMaker the tool for my game concept?

    Hello all you wonderful content creators and storytellers! I have been struck by the burning desire to create a PC game out of the 1000s of hours I have spent as a roleplay GM. I'm hoping some of you fine individuals could help me to understand if this is the right software/vehicle for me to...
  16. Soulmagnet

    Priorities when starting a project. (poll)

    Over time and after abandoning several projects I was doubtful about which are the priorities that users take into account when starting a new project. When I talk about priorities, I refer to the importance that they give to each of the development phases that an RMK project has, such as the...
  17. Technical_Chaos

    New Creator Questions

    Hello! So first of all, I'm new to posting on forums and creating threads, so if I should be doing something else here or you have any suggestions for future posts, please feel free to give any advice. I am learning how to develop with C++ and Unreal Engine 4. I have little to no experience...
  18. idillicah

    Making a game with RMMV - Developer Diary, Part 1

    Hey guys and gals! I hope this is allowed here. I'm making a game with RMMV that I'll be publishing hopefully in 2018. As I write for a couple of gaming-related publications, I've decided to write a developer diary while making the game. You can now read the first entry into the series here...
  19. Tools for Starting a Game Company

    I have compiled a list of software, utilities, and web sites for making an indie enterprise. The list is based on the startups I've been involved with, the most highly rated resource, and the most cost effective products to create the most valuable products and services available. There is a...
  20. Rishi Raj Jain

    RMMV Pokemon Essentials MV (with RealSize Overworlds)

    a.k.a POKEMON ESSENTIALS MV SYNOPSIS IMAGES/SCREENSHOTS CHARACTERS STORYLINE/PLOT SETTING AND WORLD DEVELOPMENT Real size Monsters (New) Disclaimer: All rights reserved to Nintendo & Gamefreak, this...

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