1. Donny

    RMMV Heroic Fantasy RPG

    I'm making my first RM game. I'm really excited because it incorporates all my various creative interests in one place: character design, world building, illustration, game development and music. I've made a few games in Unity (and published one to Google play) but I don't think I'm that kind of...
  2. thedeanreynolds

    RMMV THRONE | Dark Fantasy Soulslike RPG

    STORY: To the residents of Trople Isle, it would not be evident the end is nigh. The moon rises in the East and falls in the West, as it always has. After all, these are cosmic matters; he consumes systematically and indiscriminately. Far beneath the fields where citizens work themselves to the...
  3. Elliott404

    Help with Devlog in . .

    Does anyone know how to start a devlog in I was thinking about opening one in there. I've stumbled upon it in my game creator profile page, but, I wasn't sure how to do it. It didn't seem like a page I can update here and there unless I am blind. (I got my acc recently so please...
  4. Elliott404

    Good time to start a devlog, and where?

    I've been considering about this for awhile if I want to get some audience, or at least anyone to look forward to my project, and maybe give some constructive feedback. What should be prepared to start a devlog? And where is a better place to post the devlog? EDIT: is it allowed to post Devlog...
  5. Quest of a Life - Development [Beta Testing Phase]

    Hello,  Thank you very much for checking this thread and the game; I do appreciate it very much. This my first time participating in a competition and definitely my first time doing something like a log... so here it goes. Let's first start with a link of the demo itself...

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I have deleted your profile post as our Rules are quite clear that you may not use them to advertise non-RM products, nor may you give a link to anything that solicits payment for you.
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Hi Tyler,

My name is Sean, I am the owner of an indie studio, and I am looking to get some paid art work done. I am working with MV, but our programmer will be heavily modifying it.

If you are interested, or would like to hear more, I can provide my personal e-mail address.


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