diagonal movement

  1. Ksyoush

    RMMV YEP event chase player gets glitchy with diagonal movement plugins

    plugins used: http://www.yanfly.moe/wiki/Event_Chase_Player_(YEP), https://victorenginescripts.wordpress.com/rpg-maker-mv/diagonal-movement/ Hello. Sorry that this problem is too specific,but when the plugin event starts chasing the player,it's sprites get weirdly cropped. I just wonder if there...
  2. Trying to read directional movement

    Hi everyone, I was working on this tutorial, However, as the tutorial explains, I have a variable for player direction (2,6,8,4) for Down, Right, Up and Left. So I have conditional branches that shoot projectiles in the given direction based on that variable. Pretty simple, but I was hoping...
  3. JRand

    Yanfly Event Chase Player and Galv's Diagonal Movement.

    Yanfly's Event Chase Player plugin and Galv's Diagonal Movement plugin are incompatible when the latter's diagonal mouse movement feature is set to true. However, I require diagonal mouse movement for my game. I am currently achieving event chase for on-map encounters without Yanfly's Event...
  4. FAGC54

    Replace H&V movement with diagonal movement

    Hello! I need help modifying how the movement system works. What I want is to replace the horizontal and vertical movement, with ONLY diagonal movement. This being: UP = UPPER_RIGHT LEFT = UPPER_LEFT RIGHT = LOWER_RIGHT DOWN = LOWER_LEFT There are tons of scripts to add diagonal...
  5. IssaMeMino

    QSprite Assistance

    Hello, I'm trying to figure out how to use QSprite for my project. I'm currently having a hard time with the QSprite plugin reading the sprite sheet incorrectly. I'm making my own custom art for an isometric game with more realistic sprites, but I wanted to figure out how to do it correctly...
  6. Abashi76

    Diagonal Movement : Should be possible because its too simple

    Diagonal Movement : Should be possible because its too simple! I don't get why you can't command a sprite to move diagonally because all you would have to do is have the sprite use the pictures in a pattern by moving to the next picture adjacent to the one just bellow it. Think about it this...
  7. Guardinthena

    Minor Trouble with Victor's Character Control

    So....I'm having some slight trouble getting these scripts to work. I've tried everything I could think of and looked up other forums but I've had little headway. I'm looking to use Victor's Character Control script to have idle, walking, dashing sprite animations, etc. But I can't figure out...
  8. BigSharkZ

    Diagonal sprites for Quasi Movement plugin?

    Hello, I've been using Galv's Diagonal Movement and Pixel Move plugins, however I had to stop using Pixel Move when I noticed it does not support followers. I also need Collision Maps so I made the switch to Quasi's plugins instead. However, my issue is that I cannot seem to find a way to have...
  9. ShinyRedUmbreon

    Scripts Help Needed For Un-Finished Game!

    So I'm making a Earthbound based RPG game which will have: Rolling HP and PP. Limited Inventory Space. ATM to store things. Diagonal movement, complete with diagonal animations. A black menu color background instead of a blue one. Custom tiles. There's possibly more I'll do but anyways I need...
  10. Seacliff

    Button that when hold only lets you move diagonally (Edit to any diagonal movement script)

    Like in most mystery dungeon games, whenever the player holds down a specific button, the player can only move diagonally. I'm not asking anyone to create a diagonal movement script from scratch, this could just be an add-on or edit to any diagonal movement script of your choice. At the...
  11. LMichelle

    Diagonal Corner Passability + Idle and run animation

    So, I was using 3 scripts from Galv;  diagonal movement, character animations and character frames. https://galvs-scripts.com/category/rmmv-plugins/mv-audiovisual-effects/#post-1432 It worked, until I found out about Corner passability, and saw that my carefully drawn characters waltzed...
  12. Conditionnal Branch for facing diagonal

    Hi everyone, i am trying to conditional branch when player facing diagonal movement in an event. The idea behind this is  if player is facing UPPER_R  then do an action i have try a lot of thing more than the following but without success : if: Script $gamePlayer.Input.dir8 == 9...
  13. vico

    A JSON system for multi and diagonal char

    Hi again people!   First things first: sorry if i'm abusing of JS plugin requests; I'm have little programming knowledge (it isn't my area), and know almost zero in JavaScript, so i think the best thing i would do is throwing some random requests in form of ideas to people wanting to code but...
  14. DoubleX RMVXA Diagonal Movement

    Purpose Lets users moves characters diagonally by pressing both component keys Games using this script None so far Prerequisites Abilities: Nothing special Terms Of Use You shall keep this script's Script Info part's contents intact You shalln't claim that this script is written by...
  15. Zethian

    How to make stairs going left/right that move the player diagonally?

    I'm trying to make stairs that are at a side-on view. I have some tiles that achieve this look, but I cannot figure out how to make the player ascend or descend stairs going horizontally across the map. The tiles for the stairs (for example going up and left) go up one tile for every time they...

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