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  1. Calico_Bee

    RMMV Imessage Dialogue

    Is there a plugin or something of some sort that lets you create dialogue like this? Like through a text message like format. This isn't the best example but, think Simulacra/Sara is missing or Mystic Messager.
  2. Character Dialogue Display

    Hello! So I'm starting to make a small game in my free time for the heck of it, and it's my first time working with any sort of RPG-Maker (Thankfully the MV I'm using right now is very easy to use for now). I've made it so that the player can choose between a male/female protagonist, and I want...
  3. TheRaluShow - ISSUE Translation Request.

    I have been clearing all Japanese dialogue from my game to replace with full English. Problems started to occur , When selecting an enemy the select text is still in Japanese and thats not even it. The Guard Dialogue shows up in full Japanese and I have searched all my Ruby Scripts for the issue...
  4. How to Create a New Event Page in the Middle of an Event.

    Basically, I want my npc s to say something different everytime you talk to them.  I'm trying to create an easy way to do it, because I'll do it over and over again.  (Common Event).  The easiest way I can think to do that is to have the common event make a new event page.  Is there a way to do...
  5. How to make progressing dialogue?

    I've only been using the program for roughly a week and I've logged about 66 hours into creating my game so maybe this is a little premature, however I was wondering if anyone would be able to help me with NPC dialogue.   What I'm trying to accomplish at the moment is an NPC in the pub that the...

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