dialogue window

  1. JDevain

    condition to check if the dialogue window is open

    Hello, I have a parallel process that runs a simple homemade clock (wait 60 frames, add 1 to the variable "minutes", that sort of thing). I'd like the clock to stop whenever the dialogue window is open (i.e. whenever you're talking to an NPC or buying something, etc.). Is there a way to have a...
  2. What are your thoughts about dialogue designs?

    Hello, everybody! I would like to know your thoughts about something very important regarding our games with RPG Maker: Dialogue system design! What I've seen so far: 1) Text box + those square faces on the left side. (standard-like) 2) Busts/Portraits + text box. (well-known. No need for...
  3. Bonkers

    Request: Common Event/Input during dialogue window

    Would it be possible for MV plugins to accept an input/common event during a dialogue window being open?  I'd like to activate something when a character says dialogue, then player can freely go to the menu to save or revisit information and come back to the same message where they left off. ...

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