1. Vegapunk

    Customize default dialog window

    Hello friends, can you tell me some way to change the dialog window without being the two defaults of the software, put something made by me
  2. heta256

    Making dialogue stop short

    I didn't really want to post but its a simple idea and if it cant be done in VX then I'll give it up. I'm pretty new to rpg maker (only have just made alot of test games in the past" so I don't really know much of anything complicated Lets say I have 3 lines of dialogue, the first line is...
  3. PixelMap's Yarn Spinner Plugin (MZ)

    Hi! I'm currently building an MMO (hold the first M for now) using RPGMaker :). One of the things that we ended up creating is a plugin for utilizing "Yarn Spinner." Yarn is a game dialogue writing tool created by the same company that made "Night in the Woods." Unfortunately, though, they...
  4. hoboayoyo

    Hide HUD in battle but keep dialogue

    Using the general Yanfly plugins and action sequences. Trying to have HUD disappear but have the dialogue box be displayed. There are a few scenes in my game where I want characters to talk to one another, but everytime there is a new speaker the HUD would show in between lines breaking the flow...
  5. Petr4petra

    Messaging system that does not interrupt gameplay

    How to create dialogs that do not interrupt the gameplay? Making the player able to keep moving even as the speech dialogue box scroll across the screen?
  6. Iron_Brew

    Dialogue Options: A Poll

    Knight Shift has a ton of dialogue options in lieu of having the main character say anything outside the player's control, but this got me to thinking: Is this something people actually like? For example, a lot of games will have the "Player Character" say lines to define a character for...
  7. CatusPanda

    Looking for an "Investigation" System Tutorial

    Exactly what the title says. After playing Kokurase and 1BitHeart, I was inspired by them to pick up RPG Maker again (technically, to buy VX Ace while it was still on sale), and try my hand at creating my own mystery game. The problem is that I don't know how they created their "Key Phrase" and...
  8. KaitlynKitty

    RMMV How to implement a Final Fantasy II style keyword system

    In FFII, throughout the game you would learn certain keywords that can be used to unlock more options later down the line. Are there plugins to implement this kind of system?
  9. Shawnyadeadhomie

    FREE Need a decent amount of help. Will fully share credit and creative control.

    So I have a pretty ambitious project to make the kind of game that's in the vein of the sorts of games I love. I have already purchased a commercial license to the Alpha ABS system, all of Yanfly's plugins, as well as a few resource and music packs. I have also compiled a list of plugins that I...
  10. Elmorethemagician

    RMMV [SOLVED]Looking for a certain kind of pitch changing message sound... []

    I'm looking for a plug-in that changes the pitch of the sound each time a letter appears in a textbox for MV... I tried some of them but they weren't what I was looking for, I found a few but they were sadly for VX Ace. Plus, I'm looking for one that is free... I provided a quick example: In...
  11. Help with creating a randomized dialogue pool that removes dialogues after it's been triggered? (RMMV)

    So I'm trying to create a dialogue system akin to Hades', where the NPC's will have something to say based on a randomized variable (something like var = random number, then if var = x, then message x will show up). But I want to remove the dialogue from the pool after the player triggered it...
  12. How can I display a dialogue message box in battle before the side combat UI shows up?

    I have a battle event that begins with a few dialogue boxes triggering from turn 0, but because I've disabled (enemy emerges!) 4 character's faces shows up for 1-2 seconds before the dialogue box starts writing it's message (using the side-view timed combat). Is there any script or any way to...
  13. RMMV How do I move and make bigger dialogue portraits?

    Are there any plugins and stuff? I need them to look like this
  14. RadioactiveArcade

    RMMV Companions talking openly while adventuring plugin?

    I'd like to add a feature in my game where your companions, and even select npcs, will say things in speech bubbles without being prompted by the player. This plugin is visually ideal, however, I do not want it to pause gameplay. It's difficult to google this niche request, would anyone happen...
  15. ovate

    Message Sound Effect [MV & MZ] - Dialogue Blip

    MPP_MessageSE - 2021/01/18 (ver. 1.1) Creator name: Mokusei Penguin Overview Add the function to sound SE to [Show text] Note: This plugin is for RPG Maker MV and MZ. [Show text] control characters: \SE[n] Change letter SE to n / 0 with no SE Plugin command details - In MV, the variable N...
  16. WhyIamaPotato

    Making dialogue happen during a battle?

    I would love to make dialogue happen in a specific battle, but I don't know how to do this. For example, after 3 attacks from the enemy, an ally comes in (in the dialogue) and destroys the enemy. Does someone know how to make this idea work?
  17. Sheklon

    Need help with dialogue from file

    Trihan's dialogue from file is a great script for time effectiveness and quick editing when you have lots of dialogues. I wanted to use it to optimize my project's development as it has many dialogues and I'm frequently making small changes to them. Also, not having to worry too much about word...
  18. character limit in branching choice/dialogue choices help?

    Hi, in the game I'm making, in the beginning, an NPC says something and I want the player to be able to make a choice of how to respond. I choose "branching option" to do this, but there's a character limit in that. is there a way around that, or to somehow have a better way for dialogue...
  19. Ink Dialogue System in RMMV

    Hello! I'm trying to introduce a scripting language called ink—it's described as an interactive narrative engine, mainly used to write and create choose-your-own-adventure games—into RPG Maker MV. It's a great tool used to create dialogue-heavy, story-rich games. Paired with RMMV, I thought it...
  20. DeadlyEssence01

    DeadlyEssence01 Immersive Dialogue - v1.01

    DE Immersive Dialogue | v1.01 DeadlyEssence Introduction This plugin allows for implementation of random or sequential dialogue pulled from a txt file so you can easily create a batch text / random text. You can specify subfolders and file names, so each command can have a different text file...

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