1. Creating a speech system?

    Howdy! First post to the forum, but I have a bit of experience with MV. Not too much since I'm posting here though. I'm trying to create a speech system or social skill system for my game. Think of the dialogue options in Fallout, it's very similar to that, meaning if the player has a skill (Its...
  2. Hyperly

    RPG maker XP text

    I have been wondering if theres any way to make the Dialouge text go through one letter at a time instead of all of them at once. Is there a way to do that? or would I need a custom script?
  3. Tyranida

    Dialogue writer!

    So, you have an idea, and you have a protagonist. The battles are all set up, and the music and maps are amazing. But what about the dialogue? Dialogue, for me, is extremely important. Not only what they say, but how they say it. Pauses, balloon icons, sound effects, facial expressions... I...
  4. RpgN00B

    Team Recruitment for: Tales of Betrayal

    Tales of Betrayal Jobs: Key: Red= Taken Green= Open Blue= Pending Current Positions: Director (1/1) Mapper (0/2) - Creating detailed maps and towns to your liking. Scripter (0/1) - Someone who has a basic knowledge of RGSS3 or Ruby and can create or edit scripts. Graphics Designer...
  5. JokerBen

    Titans of Laxus Team Recruitment

    Hello, Since this is my first thread, I will introduce myself, then get down to business. My name is Ben. I have four years of game development under my belt. All four of those years I have used RPG Maker XP. I am re-launching one of my old projects, Titans of Laxus, through Ace. I am looking...

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