dice roll

  1. tale

    shunroid - Dice Game Event

    With permission from shunroid, I'm sharing minigame tutorial in English here. I thought I'd come up with this event where some middle-aged dude challenges people randomly all around town to a duel of dices, so here it is. || Stuff I want to do with the dice duel There's this middle aged dude...
  2. Buckthorn

    RMMV Endless Combat Dungeon

    This game is a dark fantasy 1st person dungeon crawler without any crawling and it's inspired by D&D, Wizardry and Dungeon Quest. It's for those people who're a bit tired of getting lost in labyrinths and just wanna get straight to all the action and choices. It uses interactive backgrounds and...
  3. Strandforce

    Dice Pool System?

    I'm making an RPG tutorial for a card game I've whipped up and need some assistance: Is there any established way to do a World of Darkness style dice pool system? The premise is that your stats each give you a certain amount of dice and you roll 1 di per stat rank, you roll all those dice...
  4. Amarok

    Dungeons and Dragons flavored combat mechanics/spells?

    Hello there, since i started using a tactical battle system on my project (courtesy of Lecode!) I began experimenting a bit with different approachs to the system. First i tried something like fire emblem, but now im interested in trying out something similar to Baldur's gate or Icewind dale...
  5. Runako

    Roll Dice Feature To Determine # of Actions

    Hello, hello! Happy holidays to everyone! I've been playing board games lately so i am inspired a little bit by the "roll dice to determine number of actions" feature. Thus: I am looking to implement a system where the player will roll dice and that # will determine how many actions the...
  6. How to add % chance of success/failure in events

    Hey guys, I wanted to know if it was possible to have a chance of success/failure during events (think d&d dice rolls as %). Example, if I allowed the player to approach a man in the bar. You talk to him and get the option, "walk away" "punch in face" "steal wallet" etc. If player...
  7. Clark's Dice-roll hit, evade, crit system

    This plugin allows one to setup something from pen and paper games: HIT ROLLS@! The 'Success Rate' of an item, attack, or spell is now treated as it's 'Difficulty'. Hit Rate of a character is now its 'To Hit Roll'. Floor Damage Rate is now 'Cast Roll'. It works like this: First, a check is...

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