1. tale

    Dice MV

    KURAGE_Dice - 2017/08/03 Creator name: Y.KURAGE Introduction Dice plugin with pictures and rolling animation. img/pictures is where 6 dice images are used. Note: Picture 1 is default for dice picture from plugin parameters. Pictures and sounds are included in project download. Features -...
  2. tale

    shunroid - Dice Game Event

    With permission from shunroid, I'm sharing minigame tutorial in English here. I thought I'd come up with this event where some middle-aged dude challenges people randomly all around town to a duel of dices, so here it is. || Stuff I want to do with the dice duel There's this middle aged dude...
  3. Garpie

    RMMV 4 mini-games in one

    4 mini games in one After being busy for a while, I've made 4 minigames that you can use for your own. 1. Shooter 1: Shoot all enemies with a canon in 20 seconds You can simply add a new enemy, copy/paste a previous one and change it's route. 2. Shooter 2: Shoot as much as you can in 30...
  4. Buckthorn

    RMMV Endless Combat Dungeon

    This game is a dark fantasy 1st person dungeon crawler without any crawling and it's inspired by D&D, Wizardry and Dungeon Quest. It's for those people who're a bit tired of getting lost in labyrinths and just wanna get straight to all the action and choices. It uses interactive backgrounds and...
  5. Board game

    Hello i want to make a Mario party style board game with RPG maker mv but i have Some questions 1 How do i make turns for each player 2 how can i make a select how many players button 3 how to choose what player you want (from 8 available characters) 4 how do i make a dice 5 how do I make it so...
  6. Runako

    Roll Dice Feature To Determine # of Actions

    Hello, hello! Happy holidays to everyone! I've been playing board games lately so i am inspired a little bit by the "roll dice to determine number of actions" feature. Thus: I am looking to implement a system where the player will roll dice and that # will determine how many actions the...
  7. Runako

    Slice and Dice (Like Fruit Ninja!)(Video Included)

    :kaoangry: So, I'll make this pretty straight forward. With the new RPG maker mv, we can transition our games to mobile. One thing I love is to use my fingers to fight in games. I love slicing and dicing. :kaolivid: Wouldn't it be awesome if there was a plugin that could allow you to recreate...
  8. Advanced Battle Math: Map Bonus, Dice Roll, Zodiac & More

    I just got into RMMV but I've been a JavaScript developer for some time and an RPG maker fan since 2000. When I found out they finally made the program use a language I was really proficient with, I immediately wanted to start working on plugins.  Here is a link to download the source code for...
  9. Can I roll 1d6 for damage?

    Is it possible to roll dice in the damage formula, or something to the same effect? I could imitate a d6 roll by making it 3 damage with a 100 variance rate, but that would vary all damage, including any static modifiers I wanted to add.  I want to be able to roll 1d6 + 3 for example. 
  10. jet_black

    Hide default stats, mp & skills, add new stats

    Hello guys, I would like to tweak the rpg maker defaults for a game that doesn´t need the full Jrpg-package. What I need from the defaults is the HP. I don´t need the MP at all, don´t need the skills, don´t need the default stats and I would like to add custom stats that I could use in...

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