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    RMMV The 1061st Spell: Judgement

    Action RPG which takes you on a short but dramatic adventure to defeat a demon lord. *Download links - Updated* *Bug Fixes - see below* Bug Fixes: *Updated Download Link* Synopsis: Protagonist: Antagonist: Premise: Plot: Script: Climactic Moment: Conclusion: Screenshots...

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My brother makes some inane complaint about one of my stories in the comment section. My mom: if your bro doesn't understand it make it simpler. That prolly means others have questions too.☺️Me: Sorry. I can't do that. I don't speak stupid.
If you are ever looking for your cat among a room full of identical looking cats just find the one that is doing it's best to ignore you.
Isn't "tableau" such a fun word to say? Even better is that our resident artists know what it means without google and probably get to say it regularly.
one of the benefits of doing almost all the assets myself is being able to add my friend's OC from his comic book into my game as an NPC.
Quick survey: How much of importance is the game UI for your experience, as a player and game designer?

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