difficulty levels

  1. Stapleton

    DeVine: Card Battles

    Small details: This game will be commercial and will cost $0.99. Engine: RPG Maker MV Summary: Play as many different characters and fight back the horde of cards! 300+ unique cards to collect! Immersive Story. Unique boss battles! Tower of Ascension increases in difficulty the higher you go...
  2. Darkbeetlebot

    Puzzle Trouble (Caution: long-winded)

    As the horribly unfunny title may suggest, I'm having trouble with puzzles. Everything about them, really. Let me state my question(s) before elaboration. TL;DR: How hard should puzzles be in a thinking man's strategy RPG? Should there always be a failsafe to completely avoid the puzzle? How...
  3. bluebooth

    Game Difficulty Plugin

    Difficulty Levels v1.04 Author: Michael Morris @Blue Booth Studios Introduction Adds support for multiple battle and puzzle difficulty levels! Note that this plugin focuses on providing a framework for battle and puzzle difficulty levels, and a scene for selecting the difficulty level...
  4. dragoonwys

    What's your stand on 'easy' modes in lore heavy games?

    I have been replaying the Shadowrun trilogy recently. And in Shadowrun HK, under the difficulty settings they described the easy option as 'for new players or players who are here for the story.' Now I never touched this mode before, being one who enjoys the game's tactical combat system a lot...

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